Emma Gaala 2005

The Voice Interview: Emma gala 2005
Translated by DarkSideOfLight

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Interviewer: Olli and Marko, the debut album of the year and the new band of the year Emmas. Congratulations.
Olli and Marko: Thank you.
Marko: Thank you kindly.
Interviewer: The first and foremost feelings?
Marko: You can’t talk about it yet, you just try to keep the feelings inside you for as long as possible. When we got the first one and went there, the vibe was alright on the stage, very happy, but when I came back I almost started crying at the stairs. It just somehow left you speechless, that whole situation. In the end I’m not even sure what I managed to say on the stage, pretty much.

A clip of Marko on stage receiving the Emma, shouting.

Olli: It all happened in some kind of a boost, that moment there, and when you came back you understood what had happened.

A clip of POTF performing Lift.

Marko: There was the Lift… the Lift performance and the vibe was great while playing it, surprise, and then you came off stage again all energized with gig feelings, the audience was so great that you feel it. And all of a sudden the guys get up and start walking towards the stage again and I was like “Where are you going? Did we get the other one too?!”

Interviewer: Let’s toast to you guys.
Marko: Yes. Thanks.

Interviewer: So the Emmas came from last year’s work, how would you wrap it up, what was it like for you?
Olli: First of all I have to say that last year’s credit goes back to all other previous years too. We’ve been working hard even before that to get to the place we got to last year. This is the moment when you truly realize that all that has had much more significance in a way, all the things you’ve done together much earlier. And now we’re at a point which once seemed like an unrealistic, utopist plan when we were at the point when there was nothing yet. No band, no nothing.
Marko: Exactly.
Olli: And we were just putting down some thoughts on a paper.
Marko: I’m sure this was written on that paper too.
Olli: Yeah, exactly. Back then you thought “yeah right…” but let’s give it a serious try and it’s so amazing to think that this is where we’ve arrived at. For real.

A clip of Lift video.

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