Making of… Locking Up The Sun

Video: “Making of… Locking Up The Sun” (click here to download, or click here to watch it)

Thank you to serinde for finding the video, and to Dark Side of Light for translating it.
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The Voice: The making of… Locking Up The Sun
Translated into English text by Dark Side of Light.
[Everything in brackets like these are translator’s comments or clarifications.]

At the studio

Female host: Hey, if you feel like you want to give us feedback or some kind of requests you can do it at our website pretty neatly. and click on a host’s picture. For example Ville Toivonen, if you want him to go to different places where stuff is happening, and he will go even if he’s not asked or wanted. For example music video shoots. You can give him feedback, like I like this and this band so much, could you go and get an interview.

Male host: That’s a brilliant idea because Ville does so many interviews that we always need new ideas on what bands to choose for either interviews or music video shoots. Today we have one of these in line, we just invited ourselves. Poets Of The Fall was making their new music video and Ville Toivonen decided to be there with his camera.

Female host: You’re not wanted here. Don’t come here.

Male host: But Ville went and the end result can be seen here. First we’re going to see how this video came to be and after that we’re going to show you the brand new Poets Of The Fall music video.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

At the video shoot location

Interviewer: We’re at the shoot for a music video for Poets Of The Fall. Hey Marko.

Marko: Hey Ville.

Interviewer: Locking Up The Sun is the name of your video and this is the second video for the Carnival of Rust album.

Marko: Yes, we started to make plans in July and now it’s… what is it? End of September. October first today, actually.

Interviewer: Mmmmh.

Marko: Yeah. So, it’s taken quite a bit to plan, but we finally get to shoot some stuff and as you can see our set is full of all kinds of things. There are so many of these suits. This one has some shite on it already. Look at this dude.

Interviewer laughs.

Marko: Like right at the beginning we had this incident…we were shooting, my hands are all black, we were shooting an orange that I stab like this with a nail and then this black blood oozes out of it. So, the whole thing exploded. All over our set. Those few guys over there clearly died, hahah.

Interviewer: You mean? … yeah.

Marko: No… I mean, I don’t know. But these suits, we’ve only borrowed these.

Interviewer: I see. You intend to take these back then?

Marko: Well no, we can’t do that anymore.

Marko laughs.

Interviewer: Right.

Marko: We’re going to have to buy them. But it’s ok, I’ll have a suit. For the future gigs to come, I’ll be wearing these suits. Always wearing the same outfit.

Interviewer: Right. But to be honest, it looks very confusing around here, all these guys with cones and oranges with black stuff coming out of them…

Marko: Yeah, this is what it turned out like…

Interviewer: What’s the idea behind the video?

Marko: To a psychedelic direction. What Locking Up The Sun song and the video are about is internal conflict. And in this video it’s clearly seen as everything we do… I mean, the idea is that you cause your own pain yourself. But you can also save yourself from it. Now we lost the lights.

Interviewer: Yeah, we did. What now?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Interviewer: The shoot is starting any moment now but we have a bit of time left. Can you tell more…

Marko: Yeah, I’ll tell more about the idea for the video. We thought about it a lot over a cup of coffee with Stobe and we had about nine or ten ideas until we realized that this song is all about a conflict of how people cause their own misfortunes but they also hold the key to their own happiness. So we have a boxing ring over there and we go in to battle ourselves. And all the people in our audience and so, it turns out that it’s just us. And all the evil that we do… I had a button open. Oh no. The lower button should be open and I had the top one. Terrible dress code mishap.

Interviewer: The viewers will be outraged.

Marko: Yeah, yeah.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Interviewer: So this is the second video for the second album… and most bands do only one per album. You must view videos as something important. Like you want to do them and make them look good.

Marko: We’re a little crazy that way… There’s a thought behind it, but it’s true, we wouldn’t have to do it but we want to. And if we go abroad with these videos, we want to have a couple of different things to offer. Carnival of Rust is a little slower department and this one is faster, more schizo, more industrial, rougher department. So we can give these images of our band, because in Europe, in Germany it’s often maybe the first impression the bigger audiences get from us.

Interviewer: Umm.

Marko: And in Carnival we have a heavy make up on… yes we have these cone guys here, but on the ring where we play we’re ourselves. And it gives a picture of what the band looks like and so.

Interviewer: Yeah. You’re really getting some great material done here, but these must cost you a fortune.

Marko: Yeah, they pretty much do. It costs more than one can comprehend.

Stobe takes Marko down by the neck.

Marko: Now the director came and…

Marko climbs up.

Marko: Director is going to take some lollipop now. [Marko shows his fist to Stobe.]

Stobe: We’re shooting in just a moment.

Marko: Yeah.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Crew: [Some of it I can’t understand.] Second chorus, bridge and final chorus.

Interviewer: This is the third video you’re doing for Poets. Is this going to be the calling card for abroad?

Tuomas “Stobe” Harju, the director: Well, I hope the other two are calling cards just as this one is. It’s not about that, the main point in this video is to introduce each member of the band a little better than in the previous ones. In the previous ones the guys were either very styled or then the emphasis was on the singer. So now the purpose is to show them actually playing, and a glimpse of what Poets Of The Fall gig is like. This was a very difficult process, I can’t remember if this was the 7th treatment that I went through with Marko. We kept throwing ideas at each other and it went always so that either one of us wasn’t entirely happy with it. The previous idea was mine and it was about having a big space and a big things for the video because of what the song is like. And, umm, then finally both of us were happy with the 7th version. Before that we had stuff like The Little Match Girl and so. And it would have been cool to do that but it didn’t sit with the theme of the song.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Director: We pretty much have it all together now, what we were looking for.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Marko: This is our symbolic sun which bleeds black blood. Wuuuu-wuuuu. Locking Up The Sun. It’s like this sun is crucified or something like it and it bleeds black blood. I’m quite well covered with this goo, but with this day of shooting half way done and we’ll be shooting all the way to late night and those guys are building up the boxing ring which is our stage that we play on. But when it’s done, something a lot more fun is going to happen with this black stuff. But you’ll see what it is in the video.

Interviewer: So is this oil or what is it?

Marko: This is wallpaper adhesive and oil and foodstuff dye. This is a new licorice flavoured orange yummy.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Interviewer: Your latest album, it came out on September in Sweden.

Marko: Yeap. In the middle of the month. [Finnish: Puolessavälissä]

Interviewer: In Poland too? [Finnish: Puolassa kanssa?] What?

Marko: No, on mid-September.

Interviewer: Oh, I heard “In Poland too”.


Interviewer: Would have been extraordinary.


Interviewer: Sweden and Poland, the first countries to conquer.

Marko: Poland especially. Such an important music country. With all respect to everyone in Poland. But still.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Jani [in Swedish]: Tetris… tetris… tetris in Sweden. [Referring to packing things up in order that fits.]

Marko [in Swedish]: Here we have a commercial. Look. Water.

[The bottle says “Vittel”, Marko covers a part of it and it comes very close of being a Finnish profanity word for women‘s private parts.]

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Interviewer: So what happened in Sweden?

Marko: Well, Sweden was a lot of great fun, the reception we got was really good. On our first gig we had almost 2000 people come to see us and it was quite wild. All kinds of stuff happened. We had the boxing ring there for example and people started climbing on it. Once there was like 500 people on it, it started giving signs of falling apart. When were playing Carnival of Rust the cops came in to fend people off from it, like you can’t be there. It almost fell apart on top of the rest of the audience there. All kinds of things like this happened. Olli was left behind to a gas station when the tour bus went on. We forgot him and started driving on.

Marko laughs.

Marko: Where’s Olli? All of a sudden he was not there. Stuff like this. But it was a really great trip and the Swedes took us in, like when we went to do the gig they were screaming “Finland, Finland”. It gave a really good vibe. Of course I have some favourite festivals where I’d like to go and perform at. Like Hultsfred in Sweden and Roskilde in Denmark. I was at Roskilde a week ago by the way.

Interviewer: A week ago?

Marko: Yeah. I went to test it just for fun. But the funny thing was that our album had been selected the album of the weekend by Metro magazine.

Interviewer: Ahha.

Marko: Yeah. Our album hasn’t even been released there yet. Like so…

Interviewer: Did you notice it while you were there?

Marko: Yeah, yeah, I saw it while I was sitting in the train. Some guy was reading the magazine and I kept discreetly glancing and then “What?!”. Then it was like.. [Marko gestures that the magazine was handed to him] “Oh, album of the weekend in here. Whoa!”

Interviewer: Cool!

Marko: Yeah, like… just came to my mind from your question. Rambling on about totally different topics for half an hour and playing with this… Would you like some of this? [Marko probably refers to the black goo or the nails.]

Interviewer: No way! Anyway, the day will continue on and Del Monte [a fruit label] man has to finish up the video.

Marko: Yeah, I have to. I’m going to have to change my clothes and wash my hands a little so I can…

Interviewer: Play?

Marko: Play and move around the stage.

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