Marko and Olli on NRJ afternoon

Marko and Olli on NRJ afternoon.
Part 1 (audio file, includes performance of Desire) and part 2 (audio file, includes performance of You’re Still Here)
English transcript by Dark Side Of Light

Part 1.

Tuija: This is Tuija Pehkonen in the studio and things are getting out of hand before we’ve even started. Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall are here. Good day.
Olli: Good day, good day.
Marko: Good morning!
Tuija: One of you has a mouth full of grapes and the other one is likely to belch from all the coke he’s had.
Olli: In just a moment, right to the microphone, thank you.
Tuija: Hey, at first I need to congratulate you! Since last spring it’s been 10 years since you started Poets of the Fall.
Marko: Yay, thank you. Awesome. And it’s true.
Tuija: It’s been quite a path.
Marko: It’s surprisingly long when you look back on it. Suddenly we’re here, it’s been 10 years and so many things have happened.

Tuija: Do you know what that signals?
Marko: What?
Tuija: It signals old age, when time starts going fast. Do you have any pressure? It’s starting to be quite a long time, even for a band. If you think about a relationship, 10 years is the point where even the closest, finest relationship starts to have cracks.
Olli: We’ve been having cracks for years now, right from the start, it comes with this whole thing. No… But it’s the natural development of things, there are ups and downs. But I think the whole “oh, we’ve been doing this for so long” came earlier already, for us. This whole thing goes in certain cycles and at times you have little breaks when you think about things. Or should I say, we have to think about what we’re going to do next and how we’re going to do it. So at least for me it now feels a little like these 10 years have been a good start.
Marko: I’m going to eat all these grapes.
Olli: Go ahead, I won’t have any. So…
Tuija: That’s so endearing, you’re like a hamster, you have cheek pouches.

Olli: But yeah, it doesn’t feel like “oh goodness how old we are”. We went through that earlier already. We’ve felt old for a while, so…
Marko: Everyone within the band has their own biorhythm, and each band has their own biorhythm too. When you talked about aging, I feel like these days I can concentrate on something for two hours and after that I go into a melt down and can’t get anything done.
Tuija: Yeah, yeah, and aging is a good thing. You become wiser and stronger.
Marko: Really? When does it start?
Tuija: And more serene… I think you already passed that phase. But! You’re going on a tour that’s going to last for 10 months, starting in Switzerland. Or, am I right?
Olli: It’s not quite going to last for 10 months… That would be rather… I’d have to call home a.s.a.p.
Marko: From the beginning of the year we were on tour for a few months and now at the end of the year too.
Tuija: No, a little over a month. I’m dyslexic now. Did it go right this time?
Marko: Yeah, well…
Olli: I wondered about it a little bit…
Marko: Depends on a definition of a tour. In October we’re going to Central Europe, then in November we’re going to Eastern Europe and for December we’re staying in Northern Europe.
Tuija: Yeah, Switzerland…
Marko: Yeah.
Tuija: How do I calculate it… It’s great to work on the radio, you can just read from the paper.
Olli: Should be allowed.

Tuija: So you’re starting from Switzerland, then Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Russia. So many countries. It somehow feels like Finnish music is doing pretty well in Central Europe. Do you think so too? And do you get a really divine reception over there?
Marko: Yeah. It’s wonderful.
Tuija: Red carpets everywhere and…
Olli: Limousine rides everywhere. And we have a private jet that takes off from Paris to all our gigs.
Tuija: That’s amazing!
Olli: That’s what normal means for us. We’re so used to the good things. No, actually…
Marko: I can tell you that limousine rides are pretty boring.
Olli: Yeah, they are.
Marko: It’s really difficult to sit in there, in an angle towards where you’re going, in a funny way. And when it doesn’t go very smoothly, and hits the breaks…
Tuija: That’s so harsh, so harsh!
Marko: The champagne doesn’t stay in the glass.
Olli: We switched to a Transit since then, we came to the conclusion that it’s better. And I have more space to play the guitar in there. But if I come back to the theme, music from Finland has been successful through the ages… Well, maybe not through the ages, but since the end of 90’s or so, in Central Europe and elsewhere too. Finnish bands tour a lot. If you go to the airport, I’m sure you can spot some musicians on their way somewhere every day. In that sense Finnish music exports well.
Marko: Olli goes down to the airport every day to check things out. To see his friends.
Olli: Almost every day. To see who’s going… Who the heck made it abroad.

Tuija: Let’s move on before things get out of hand, for you and for me. Well, it did get out of hand for you since you got here. But, we have live music! There’s a guitar and everything here with you.
Marko: The man, the guitar… If I could get the voice too…
Tuija: Marko will sing and Olli will play.
Olli: Yeah.
Marko: What are we going to play?
Tuija: Yeah, what?
Marko: Shall we sing about desire, which is such a wonderful thing?
Tuija: Desire is a wonderful thing, yes.
Marko: Shen we shall sing about that.
Tuija: We shall?
Marko: Desire. Olli, are you…
Tuija: Should I just be quiet though? And not do any back up?
Marko: You can do some “uuuuuh” things if you feel like it.
Olli: Depends on how much you have desire at the moment.
Tuija: Hey, fun. You heard my little vocal exercise earlier.
Marko: It inspired me, helped to get my voice warmed up.
Tuija: It was more like a shriek and a roar mixed up. But now, Poets of the Fall. The whole studio and the stage is yours.
Marko: Great.
Olli: Thank you.


Tuija: Oh my. Poets of the Fall here on NRJ afternoon, performing live. Thank you! It’s always so great to hear live music.
Marko: Thanks. It’s always fun to do that stuff. It’s been 10 years and still it lights a fire, for me too.
Tuija: And soon we’re going to hear some more of this, but let’s talk a little more about you first. We talked about you going on a tour in Europe in October and you’ll be going to many different places. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Ukraine and others. But, you’re also going to have gigs in Finland! Am I right, if I say that it’s going to be in November?
Marko: November-December.
Olli: Yeah. We’re going to be in Espoo at the end of November and…
Marko: …other parts of Finland at the end of the year.
Tuija: Well, what…
Marko: There are going to be the pre-Christmas parties, those are usually private gigs.
Olli: Yes, we also have private events and such.
Tuija: It’s wonderful that Christmas is approaching, I’m really looking forward to it.
Olli: Yeah, it seems to be coming really fast, or so it feels like right now.
Tuija: It will, and the weather has been such that we can start wearing winter gear pretty soon.
Marko: My Christmas gift wish for this year is +25 Celsius warmth.
Olli: Oh!
Tuija: That’s clearly a holiday in the south. I just booked a holiday for myself in Kap Verde. It could be about +25 to +27 there.
Marko: Oh, oh oh oh! That’s wonderful, do you have room for me in your suitcase?
Tuija: Well, we’ll see, you’re quite… ehh, we’d have think of something… how to fit you in there.
Marko: I’ll start a diet right away!
Tuija: Good, this is what I was nicely trying to tell you.

Tuija: But hey! Finns as concert goers… You’ve seen what it’s like in different parts of the world, it’s traditionally like… Well, when you go to Tavastia and look at people going wild. At best it’s someone snapping their fingers or claps their hands a little bit. Are we any good as audience?
Marko: Well, we’ve had truly amazing gigs in Finland, and abroad. There’s this going crazy-thing that exists everywhere. But, every nation has this… I don’t like to generalize, but people in different countries are different. But really, when people just loosen up… Finns are capable of it just as much.
Tuija: And it just blows up even more.
Marko: Oh yes.

Tuija: What do you think is the best thing about performing in Finland? Besides being able to speak Finnish.
Marko: Well that’s a really good thing in a way. Or, well… I often speak English in Finland too, but… When we have gigs here, we usually have people over from at least ten different countries. It makes it a little… Sometimes you have to think about what language to speak in, but in Finland it’s generally Finnish.
Tuija: If we think back on the career of Poets of the Fall. We talked a little bit about the 10 years already. It’s a great accomplishment. You’ve gotten all kinds of credentials, you have gold albums, platinum albums, all kinds of great things along your career… This is the question I have to ask.
Marko: Yes?
Tuija: That one greatest moment. What is the most memorable thing?
Marko: This comes down to something philosophic… The superlatives. For me it’s kind of… I don’t know if you have a greatest moment, Olli, but I try not to think about things in superlatives. Because they you either can’t ever go beyond that moment, or…
Tuija: No, no! Don’t start drawing rules. You’re guests here on NRJ afternoon, and all we will talk about is superlatives!
Olli: Quite right! Well, for me they are these little moments that come to mind sometimes. I rarely think about the same moment as being the greatest one. Sometimes something feels really awesome and…

Tuija: But say some specific moment!
Olli: There are so many…
Marko: When Signs of Life came out of print, before it was in any shops, I held it in my hands at home on the sofa. That was a great moment.
Olli: I think it has a lot to do with the time around the first album too. It was so awesome for me to tell Captain about… We were on this TV album chart show with Marko, and played live there. That’s when we heard our album went to #1. It felt great to call Captain and tell him that we placed #6… No, we placed #1! It was so amazing, his reaction and that feeling. Even though during the show it was like “oh, we’re #1, ok”. It didn’t quite sink in right there. But when you got around to tell about it to someone else, that’s when it crystallized.
Marko: It’s all about what happened in the beginning, because everything was all new back then. Now we’re so cynical…
Tuija: Hardened.
Marko: Hardened old men… But now it’s cool to notice that you really like something.
Olli: Yeah, there are a lot of great moments during touring, like “yes, great!” Then, you realize you’re feeling great. And it’s awesome, that it’s not all… Because it becomes routine and work-like in a way…
Marko: It has to become that.
Olli: And it kind of has to.
Tuija: So that you don’t feel all nervous all the time.
Olli: So that you’re not all the time in this…
Tuija: Pooping your pants cos you’re too nervous. It’s tough.
Marko: Exactly. And even if you’re having a bad day, you still have a certain routine professionalism attitude there, like you can pull things off really well even with your left hand.

Olli: And if we talk about recent times, I remember going to sleep after the festival in Moscow last summer. The band thought the gig went really bad, and everyone was feeling down more of less. There were technical problems and stuff. And when things go wrong, you really mull that around your head, like how everything is wrong. But I remember that when I went to sleep… I looked at the clock and realized I only have 6 hours or less until wake-up call. I just thought that, damn this is great! So we still get feelings like this. After we talked it through, what things went wrong and how we can do better, we found the good vibe again and being happy about this work and doing it. Like, it’s great to be here, it was a huge gig and all.
Tuija: It’s so awesome to look at you reminiscing back like this… You both get this nostalgic zeal in your eyes. But, Poets of the Fall, Marko and Olli, let’s continue in just a moment. And we’ll also hear more live music.
Marko: Yes!

Tuija: This is No No No and Pumping Blood. And then back to these guys right here.

Part 2.

Tuija: Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall are here. Good day!

Olli: Good day.
Marko: Hello.
Tuija: I have to say that you’re taking it pretty easy, considering you just heard that your band rehearsal space has been burgled.
Marko: Our studio.
Olli: Oh well.
Marko: Captain is going to check out what’s going on in there.
Olli: Yeah.
Tuija: Does this happen all the time? Because if I got a call or a message about a break and enter at my home… I’d get upset and leave immediately, I might even shriek a little. But you’re only “oh, someone broke in again”.
Olli: Most likely it’s because a pencil fell off my desk and that’s why the alarms went off. So…
Tuija: So it’s perfectly ok to continue with the interview and play some live music.
Olli: Oh yes, yes. There’s time.

Tuija: You have a really relaxed attitude to life, I’ll try to learn from that. But just a while ago we were talking about the 10 years of Poets of the Fall and what have been the really great moments. But what about the opposite? I’m sure in all that time there’s been a lot of challenges and difficulties too. What has been difficult during the journey?
Marko: Difficult during the journey…
Tuija: Have you ever lost it?
Marko: Oh yes.
Olli: Yes, even I have!
Marko: Yes, even Olli. Olli, who always agrees with everyone, even when everyone else disagrees.
Olli: And I like to be happy about things.
Marko: I lose it pretty efficiently if tours, which are very hard mentally and physically, are arranged in a way that you can’t get any sleep for two days. At that point I…
Tuija: Sparks start to fly?
Marko: Sparks start to fly, even for the smallest things. So, if I had an iron in my hands… and if I had any strength left, I’d throw it.
Olli: And, well… All this has a lot to do with how much we take care of things by ourselves. We organize the publishing of our albums and everything involved in that. Well… We just learned that our Live DVD release is going to be postponed by a week because of technical difficulties. Situations like that are always a little… Oh no, we have to plan everything all over again, and we have to do a lot of work to get everything back on the right track. There are a lot of unavoidable things like this. And in some ways touring is very hard work. And a lot of things happen there, that you have to deal with. Things that aren’t nice at all. Things like not getting anything to eat, not having enough time to sleep, things don’t work and instruments don’t work or they’re delayed somewhere. Sometimes your underpants go to the wrong city and then you have to figure something out with that…
Tuija: Wearing the same underwear…
Marko: The worst thing is when the underwear goes to the wrong city.
Olli: Yeah, yeah! All kinds of things happen.

Tuija: But, now that you, a group of guys, work together… How does the chemistry between you all work? And the roles you play inside Poets of the Fall? Is someone clearly a leader, who’s the mediator? Has there been any problems over the years, or changes?
Marko: I think it depends on the situation. Depending on the day, someone’s always feeling strong and that’s when it’s easier to mediate. And if someone has a vision about something, we go with that, we let that person take the lead because of the vision.
Olli: Yeah, it’s pretty much defined by how everyone’s feeling on any given day. Who’s mediating and who’s taking the lead. There are times when something is really important for someone, so that’s when the group has to listen to that person about it. Like, oh he wants to play one extra song in this set because he’s having a bad day and nothing seems to work. And we listen, and agree to practice that a little more and maybe delay the lunch break a little. Or something like this. That’s how it works.
Tuija: Flexibility above all.
Olli: It has to be.
Marko: Yes, it’s very much needed.
Olli: And we’re still learning that!
Tuija: I’m trying to learn that too. Just the other day I told my producer Laura Halmila that now I have a new attitude to life. I’ll just let some things go in from one ear and out from the other. Maybe that will make life a little easier.
Marko: Yes, it’s a good idea to be gentle to yourself a little bit, every day.
Tuija: But it’s difficult!
Olli: Yes, it really is.

Tuija: But hey, let’s get to the point, to the music! You promised to play another live song today too. What do we get to hear?
Marko: Olli, what are we going to play?
Tuija: But, you can’t start deciding that now, it should be already decided!
Marko: We’re going to play something that we don’t usually play live. So, how about something from the album Twilight Theater. A song called… what’s it called? You’re Still Here.
Tuija: Amazing. The stage is once again yours.
Marko: Thank you.

You’re Still Here

Tuija: Ahhh, oh my. So wonderful.
Marko: A little bit of mood to the afternoon.
Tuija: That was it! Poets of the Fall, thank you so much!
Marko: Thank you, it was fun.
Tuija: It was fun to have you here! And especially wonderful that we got to hear some live music.
Marko: Thank you for the good coffee, the grapes…
Olli: And the sweet rolls.
Marko: And the sweet rolls!
Tuija: And Marko, you can take the rest of the grapes with you.

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