Marko at Ylex (March 17th)

Marko at Ylex, March 17th. In our archive you find the audio file + a funny music quiz Marko was asked to fill (click here).
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Host: That’s a good piece of advice for all uninvited guests: Jääkää Kotiin [Stay At Home in English] by Stella. But we have an invited guest over so we didn’t want him to stay at home. He is the front man of Poets of the Fall, welcome Marko.

Marko: Thank you.

Host: Poets of the Fall long awaited hit collection Alchemy Vol. 1 is published, I mean was published yesterday. Happened to be my name day.

Marko: Aaa. Congratulations.

Host: To honour the occasion. And tomorrow you’re having a sold out gig at Tavastia and after that you‘ll be heading to Europe. There’s going to be Ukraine and Russia and a few other places too. Looking good all around.

Marko: Yes, thank you.

Host: We were thinking, now that you’re here to talk about this new compilation, that we’re going to give you a compilation interview.

Marko: Ok.

Host: Because musicians always get to do compilations and it’s not possible for us even though we do a lot of valuable work, we have a lot of great questions which are usually asked only once. We have the right, the great public has asked for these.

Other host: Yes, you get all the fans and the adoration just for publishing your songs all over again, so we’re going to try and see how the same tactics work for us.

Marko: The same tactics, it’s fine.

Host: The first question, that someone has asked Miss Finland [translator’s remark: 2011] Pia Pakarinen quite some time ago…

Other host: Must be more than one week even.

Host: Yes…


Host: And here we go: Marko… I changed Pia into Marko here… Marko, why don’t you give us your honest fact sheet. Your name, characteristics, hobbies and something philosophic.

Marko: Hey. My name is Marko and I’m a singer. I like all kinds of… ahh…

Marko laughs.

Marko: This is more difficult than you’d think, it takes practice. I think kittens and puppies are wonderful, and I wish for – like every beauty pageant winner – the world peace. And something philosophic… eeeh, sleep well.

Host: Oi.

Other host: Carpe Diem would have been a good one.

Marko: Yeah, it would have been a really good one.

Host: Very good answer, very good, for the first question. The next question was asked from contemporary dancer, Vesa Saarinen. When have you last failed to understand some contemporary dance performed by a colleague?

Marko laughs.

Marko: This may even be a daily event, my colleagues do such moves that I can’t keep up.

Host: So you don’t dance?

Marko: No, I dance superb, but they are even better. But if you want to evolve and do anything that will be remembered, you had better keep company that is better than yourself.

Host: Marko from Poets of the Fall here in the studio and we’re in the middle of a compilation interview. Questions from previous interviews. Marko, who is the best dancer in Poets of the Fall?

Marko: Without a doubt it’s Olli. He’s even better than Michael Jackson in his days.

Host: Oh!

Marko: So yes, you can see the bum getting a move on when Olli starts dancing.

Host: This question has been asked from the heavyweight champion boxer, Robert Helenius. How much excitement or fear is there involved when getting into the ring?

Marko laughs.

Marko: You don’t even notice it, it just happens. And after a while you’re sweating in the backstage and you wonder what just happened.

Host: So you don’t get nervous about going on stage?

Marko: No, not at all. There used to be… and even now a couple of weeks in advance before the first gig of a tour there may be some feelings like “damn, I feel tired and I don’t want to do anything” and so… but then it blows over and you don’t really feel out of the ordinary. And if for some reason you do develop a terrible stage fright, it disappears between backstage and the stage.

Host: How much of the gig do you remember afterwards? Like what you did on the stage, how you moved and if you took contact with someone in the audience. Of course everyone from the front row, but…

Marko: Yes, of course. Mostly it’s a blur, a vague mist and a sea of people and you don’t remember if you spoke something or gave any signals to anybody. Especially if it’s a very good gig.

Host: How many times have you fallen out of speaking terms with someone because of your opinions?

Marko: If I’m completely honest about this, then… probably not one. So far. But it could be that I’ve forgotten about such unhappy things.

Host: It’s not something you talk about anymore.

Marko laughs.

Marko: It’s not something you talk about anymore. The conversation is done for good.

Host: what are the things you’re very opinionated about?

Marko: Amm, shall we say the kinds of things that… I’m very strongly of the opinion that everyone has worth as a human being no matter who you are. And if someone doesn’t agree I usually try to give as qualified argumentation as I’m capable of doing… according to my capabilities of the day.

Host: This question was once asked of a rock journalist Nalle Österman who is very opinionated when it comes to criticizing different bands and artists.

Other host: Let’s move on to something lighter. I have to read this straight from the paper. Have you had time to ride downhill in a pulk? Do you prefer a pulk or a sleigh?

Marko: Let’s just say that if there’s snow involved, I’m not going to do anything.

Host: No?

Marko: No.

Host: You don’t downhill ski?

Marko: No, I used to but the last time I had skis under my feet must have been about 20 years ago because I had to. I rode a pulk about a ten yeas ago last. But not downhill if I can recall. My friends did and I was cheering on the side, drinking hot chocolate. That has been my closest brush with winter sports.

Host: So you don’t like any kind of winter activities whatsoever?

Marko: No, I start to hibernate when the temperature sinks below zero [Celsius]. I can’t get anything out of myself, I just keep watching CSI New York on a repeat.


Host: Is this a chance to organize a “Rockers on Skis” event?


Other host: Oh yes, everyone to the Finlandia Ski Event [translator’s info: it’s a yearly 50-kilometer long ski event for everyone who wants to take part] next year.

Host: From who did we ask this before?

Other host: From Jenni Vartiainen. I don’t remember what her answer was, but she used to be a figure skater so one would think she likes winter activities.

Host: I’d rather see her on a pulk than a sleigh. What do you say Marko? Pulk or sleigh?

Marko: There’s a certain kind of playfulness to it, I’m going to go for the pulk as well. On an ice track too, so it would be a high speed.

Host: She could take all her Emma Awards as an extra weight so the speed would increase even more.


Marko: To increase the speed, yes.

Host: Did she get seven Emmas?

Marko: It would make a more spectacular crash with all the Emma Awards flying around.


Host: It would make a good shell bomb. I think we’re going to have to build a ski jump just for this event. On to the next question.

Other host: In God’s name, tell us what chase is?

Marko laughs.

Marko: I haven’t got a clue. The first thing that comes to mind is that Hercule Poirot actor… errr…

Host: David Suchet.

Marko: Suchet or whatever Chutchet he is… It must be some kind of an attaché briefcase.

Host: Not bad, not bad at all.

Other host: This was during the Dancing With The Stars because they were always speaking about chases, if they were done correctly or not. This was asked from Antti Tuisku and we tried to figure out what it actually is.

Marko: If you had asked me what plié is, I could have even shown you.

Host: O-hey! It’s still not too late! Get on with it.

Other host: What IS a plié?

Host: Marko is going to show us what a plié is.

Marko: Plié, plié. All the girls who have gone to fairytale ballet will say that I didn’t do it right but put your feet into this Chaplin position, like this. And lift your hands up like this. And bend your knees a little like this. And then you can move your hand like this.

Host: Aaa. Look at us, Black Swan, here we come.


Host: This is the boldest move that I dare to make after having a stomach flu.


Marko: Yes, it is the kind of movement where I had to look into the mirror myself and think if I’m a man or…


Host: Let’s have some more of these questions. Heels on. But what kind of high heels? [translator’s info: Heels On is a Finnish TV talk show hosted by two women and it includes a word play. In Finland the words Korkojen Kera can mean shoes with high heels or “payback with interest” as in taking revenge.]

Marko: Heels On or… meh, what was the question again?

Host: But what kind of high heels?

Marko: Platform shoes.

Host: What are platform shoes?

Marko: The kind that have fat bottoms. For me personally it’s everything from Teddy and the Tigers to Marilyn Manson.

Host: Spice Girls too. They had those, didn’t they?

Marko: Yes, I suppose they did.

Host: You can buy the likes from Morticia [translator’s info: a gothic fashion shop in Helsinki], even all the way up your thighs.

Marko: Oh.

Host: Just noticed once when I walked by this gothic store.

Other host: Yeah, right, walking by…

Host: I wasn’t in there to buy corset or anything.

Other host: But!

Host: We once asked this from Jenni Pääskysaari [translator’s remark: one of the hosts of Heels On].

Other host: From Jenni, yes. What did she answer? Didn’t she say stiletto heels?

Host: Stiletto heels if I remember right. Yeah.

Marko: I used to have a stiletto once too.

Host: Did you?

Marko: Yes. When I was a kid.

Host: Was it a stiletto comb, because I remember those were hot once.

Marko: Yes, I bought those combs for my nephews at one point, I didn’t want to get them the real deal… But when I was a kid, I had to have one. And there was this cool tough guy at our school who sold it to me at the smoking circle for 50 Finnish marks [translator’s remark: would be about 8 Euros now].

Host: 50 marks?

Marko: And I just kept clicking the blade in and out in a frenzy for the rest of the day.

Host: He probably got it from some cheap store for 10 marks.

Marko: Actually he had bought it as a souvenir from a holiday in Greece.

Host: They were almost always brought from abroad, right? You would go in the plane and be worried if the metal detector is going to go off.

Other host: But the security back then wasn’t what it is now.

Marko: It sure wasn’t.

Host: I remember I wanted a stiletto because in Beverly Hills Cop the guy always took a stiletto into his hand and performed a break and enter with it. Did you have some “young rebel” kind of a phase or why was the stiletto blade so fascinating for you?

Marko: No, you see, everything ninja was very cool, so it went with that. I had probably seen it in some kung fu movie and I‘ve always loved to watch a lot of those movies. I think it came from there. Some crappy 70’s Hong Kong movie where all special effects sounds are rather terrible bams and whams. I plagiarised it to myself from there.

Host: Marko from Poets of the Fall is here in our compilation interview. We’re asking him questions from previous interviews with other people because their Alchemy Vol. 1 was published yesterday, it’s a compilation album. Last question Marko. Which of your songs has given you the biggest amount of feedback?

Marko: Bmm, bmm, bmm, good question. Probably the ones in the beginning of our career because they’ve existed so long and people have had more time to talk about them. Late Goodbye, Lift… Illusion And Dream.

Host: This one was asked from Miitta-täti [a Finnish comedy character with her own guest show] because her songs are rather hard core… Tomorrow you have the sold out gig in Tavastia and Poets of the Fall will be on the road again and won’t be seen in Finland for a while. Or will we see you, and when?

Marko: Of course we’ll be seen in Finland, once the open air festival season kicks in we will be here as far as I know and we get to play live for our Finnish fans across the country as well.

Host: Thank you Marko for visiting us and now we’re going to listen some Poets of the Fall, one of my favourites actually… and it’s a great song to end your jog or run with, when your energy is out and you can’t take another step I usually play this one from my iPod and…

Marko laughs.

Marko: Brilliant, makes you run another mile.

Radio station plays War.

Host: Tomorrow performing for a sold out Tavastia, Poets of the Fall. This song is War and can be found in a console game named Alan Wake. It’s worth a listen, a compilation album Alchemy Vol. 1 from Poets of the Fall came out yesterday. Thank you for all the messages, Marko got a lot of feedback during this interview and we will give them all to him. Now it’s time for some news, reported by Jan Fredrikson.

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