Marko & Olli at NRJ

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[Translator’s note: 2 male hosts and later also a female host in the studio. I couldn’t tell which male host was speaking at all times so I gave up on it. I suppose it’s not the key factor here anyways.]

Download whole interview here (it also contains two live performances: Can You Hear Me & King Of Fools)

Let us welcome a mature, manly, mature in a manly way, manly in a mature way, Poets of the Fall!

Host: So, they are here, welcome into the studio Poets of the Fall.

Marko: Thank you, good morning.

Olli: Thanks, good morning.

Marko: To every caste and class.

Host: Good morning, it’s Marko and Olli visiting The Morning Boys. I hope our intro wasn’t too much on the pompous side.

Marko: It was brilliant.

Olli: Nothing can ever be too pompous for us.

Marko: Glory to all things grandiloquent.

Host: Right, that’s right. What we’re going to do here, like I mentioned earlier along with Max Payne, tomorrow your first ever compilation album of your career can be found in shop shelves. Why do this nearly compulsory best of right now, at this moment?

Olli: We actually thought about doing one right after our first album, but…


Olli: We were finally allowed to do it.

Host: Okay.

Marko: A little like King, way back when… made one album and a compilation after that.


Marko: Nah, you start playing with the package and when you think you have enough material you want to put together some kind of a retrospective version for publishing for people who haven’t really found us yet.

Host: So, was this really your own idea to put this compilation together or was it, to put it nicely, a happy joint effort from both the record label and yourselves?


Marko: I have to say that this was fully the record label’s idea and the rest of the statement can be put into brackets: we are our own record label.

Host: Aaah. There now!


Host: But the package is a very nice one, the compilation has a couple of new songs like all compilations usually have these days. Then there’s a DVD included with all your music videos and photos and the likes. You really have put some work into this. A little more than just something rather basic.

Marko: Yes, yes it’s all about alchemy… Coelho, Coelho could I please have your selling figures… one can only hope. [translator’s info: Paolo Coelho is a Brazilian best selling author of the novel The Alchemist with over 65 million copies sold].


Marko: But you have to think about the fans who already have all our albums, it’s very nice for them to get some new material. And we enjoy making new material as well, so you can’t really keep yourself from including it to the album.

Olli: And the thing is… ehrm, I kind of lost the gist actually because you said it so well… What was I supposed to say?

Host: Just ramble on something, it doesn’t really matter what…

Olli: Oh yeah, once I have the chance to do so…

Marko: It’s just like playing one of your solos.


Olli: So… So… with the amount of work we put into this album again, it just made me think that it’s really not about cashing in with this compilation album. It’s a lot of hard work.

Marko: That’s totally true, before you thought you could save some time and work on other new songs but when you start with the work, it just piles up until it reaches the ceiling. We don’t really know how to take it easy with any of our projects.

Host: You have a huge amount of fans in Finland as well as abroad. And every fan has their favourite songs. Was there any difficulty to pick out the songs for this compilation album. Because I’m sure there are some fans out there wondering why their favourite wasn’t chosen.

Marko: One of our fans made a clever remark in our website: if you really would like to have one of your personal favourite in there, you will also have to choose to drop one song out of the list. I think it ended the discussion.


Marko: So it was difficult for us too to choose, but we included our so called hits, the songs that have been given a lot of radio play, in your channel as well. Also some most popular fan requests at gigs and our own favourites are there as well.

Host: Our channels plays anything you guys publish, your music is really good stuff.

Marko and Olli: Thank you.

Host: Even if you were to come up with a folk song, we’ll play it.

Marko: This is a moment for a group hug.

Olli: We’ll do a folk song in just a couple of moments.

Host: Did I just say that out loud? Because now you’re going to take advantage of it…

Other host: How sickeningly sweet.

Marko singing.

Host: Now we’re going to take a break to brush our teeth and continue in a moment with the guys… let’s find out which sphere we’ll end up in.

Host: During the break, let’s listen Poets of the Fall, Illusion and Dream.

Host: It’s 19 past 9 o’clock, you’re listening to Radio NRJ, and this was Poets of the Fall, Illusion and Dream. The song in question will be found in the new Poets of the Fall compilation album which is coming into stores tomorrow. Alchemy Vol. 1 is the title of the CD. And in a while we’ll be hearing Poets of the Fall live, it will be worth it to stay tuned.


Female host: The ending of the band Lauri Tähkä and Elonkerjuu has been the number one music news of today. We’ll continue with Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall and ask them if they’ve ever even thought about ending the band.

Host: Poets of the Fall in the studio and now we’re going to hear some completely new music from this fine band. This song is from their new Alchemy Vol. 1 compilation album, Can You Hear Me. Please.

Can You Hear Me live performance.

Clapping hands.

Host: So fine! Poets of the Fall. This from the new compilation album, some brand new music, Can You Hear Me. And it sounded very good.

Female host: And now I have to ask, is this the earliest gig you’ve ever had to do? Because usually gigs are done rather late in the evening.

Marko: Yes, well usually they’re so late that they‘re almost this early.


Host: Right.

[Everyone talking at the same time, can’t make it out]

Marko: Oh yes, absolutely, nothing but water.

Olli: What are you talking about?


Host: Who claims to be sober around here? Yeah, well… Like Annika there mentioned and it’s been in the news and the whole nation is shocked by this huge music news, which is that a band named Lauri Tähkä and Elonkerjuu has announced to quit altogether. Lauri Tähkä has said he’s no longer inspired to do music any longer. As colleagues, how do you take in a decision like this?

Marko: Well, ehh, the first thing that comes to mind is to wish all the best and a lot of strength to Lauri and good luck to whatever he wants to do from now on.

Host: Solo career.

Marko: Solo career, right…

Olli: But these things happen, you can’t help it.

Marko: No, you can’t, and you think about it yourself sometimes too. It can be an arm wrestle to try and find new perspectives to what you’re doing and find the inspiration and so far I’ve always been able to find it again.

Female host: But where do you find it then? Do you have to really dig it out by going to a retreat or by travelling abroad?

Marko: From travelling, exactly and from convent retreats and from standing on my head and yoga levitation…

Host: When is the India phase coming up?


Olli: We’ve already had the India… we’ve already been there! And we’re probably going back too.

Marko: Yes, our India phase was at the end of 2007 and after that we made Revolution Roulette album in which we were able to hide the…

Marko beat boxes.


Marko: … in between. Drum comps and such things.

Olli: But yes, sometimes you have to struggle with that a little bit, to find the motivation. And also to find a good spirit, because us three guys working together for years now…

Marko: In the same booth.

Olli: In the same booth, it’s a given that there will be disagreements.

Host: You already have 4 albums behind you, all of them of equally good material, it must take some thinking how to put all three notes back in harmony together.

Olli: Yes, yes.

Marko: Yes, it does. And when it comes to writing lyrics, the simple fact is that you have to actually live a little now and then to have something to say, because I don’t want to write anything without substance… there would be nothing in it for me. You have to have something to write about and things start rolling from there.

Host: And the compilation album is a good way to buy yourself some time to live.


Marko: Exactly!

[Everyone talking at the same time, can’t make it out]

Host: What? It was just an observation.

Female host: Just to return to the topic of Lauri Tähkä, he notified his decision to his band mates via e-mail.

Marko: Ok…

Female host: What is your opinion about this? It’s like a classic SMS “break up”, I don’t want to be with you no more.

Marko: Well, I don’t know, maybe it’s a classic way to end things… We’re in the habit of talking face to face about a lot of things. I think with us you would be able to tell way beforehand, that this would be about to happen sometime soon and we would be able to prepare ourselves for it as well.

Olli: Was this like an open letter or just..

Host: No, apparently it was just an open e-mail message to all band members. Not to the whole world.

Female host: Yes, and the band members have made it public right after it. So there.

Host: Marko and Olli, we’ll continue with you in just a short while but now, the latest news.

Host: Thank you Annika for the latest update on news, soon we’re continuing with Poets of the Fall and because I’m also a fan of Poets of the Fall I would like to give them a surprise song request in a moment. We’ll see if they can do what I ask from them. Here’s some music from an artist who is going to perform at NRJ Live later tonight here in NRJ studios. Michael Monroe, Seventy-eight on Tuesday morning.

Host: Michael Monroe and Seventy-eight, Michael Monroe on NRJ Live today starting at 7 pm. Stay tuned.

Host: Still in the studio, Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall.

Host: Very good morning to you gentlemen, your compilation album is in the stores tomorrow, go and buy it. And you guys are going to have a few gigs soon as well. Tavastia is calling this Friday, then you’re also going to visit St. Petersburg. How do you like Mother Russia?

Olli: We do have some differences of opinion on that… I like it very much. This is going to be the sixth time we go there.

Host: Okay.

Olli: It feels like things just get bigger for us every time we go there. We are bigger names than we were before, every time we go.

Host: But that’s great.

Marko: It’s very noticeable.

Olli: Everything functions surprisingly well over there.

Host: Or does it, Marko?


Host: Marko is looking downwards.

Marko: Well… Olli, why don’t you keep on talking.


Olli: This may have something to do with the fact that last time when we were travelling from Yekaterinburg to Moscow, Marko’s flight was booked for the wrong month…

Female host: What?!

Olli: The thought was to leave him behind for a month… so the end result was he had to catch a train by running.

Marko: That was quite an…

Olli: A moving train, up the hill. It was a bit of a hassle and maybe affected Marko’s… enthusiasm.

Marko: Have you ever ran, with all your luggage, to catch a moving train, like in the movies?

Female host: Ha ha ha, no!

Marko: Thrown in your luggage and jumped in.

Host: Think what a romantic thing… what an inspiration to write a song.

Marko: It’s really such a long story with all its details about what happened along the way, I got a ride from James Bond and all other things. In some ways it was really cool though.

Female host: In some ways. It makes for great memories. Afterwards.

Marko. Yes.

Olli: And if we were to write a book to buy some time, it could be all about our last trip to Russia.

Marko: Exactly.

Host: Yes, yes, yes.

Host: Would you ever consider publishing any Russian language material?

Olli: Well, we’ll do anything for money.


Someone tries to imitate how Russian sounds like.

Olli: Maybe we would be able to pull it off.

Marko: Possibly a chorus at some point in time…

Host: You’ve been in the business for a while now, since 2003 and you’ve had a lot of gigs during this time. So where does the energy for all this come from, to perform engagingly like you guys do? Where does it come from every night?

Marko: It comes in between backstage and the stage. It’s a stretch of about 5 meters, sometimes more, sometimes less. That’s where it is.

Host: Like a buffet of energy?

Marko: Seriously, it’s a funny thing, you can be upside down on a chair and complaining “I’m too tired today to do anything, save me, waaah”. And when you walk to the stage and it’s starting, the playback tape or intro tape starts rolling, you walk towards the stage and do your rituals and 2 meters before the stage, whoosh, something happens.

Female host: What’s the ritual?

Marko tries to suppress laughter.

Olli: Well, we chant some words we’ve come up that same day and…

Female host: But not like, everyone in a circle, hands in the middle and “Wooooo Poets!”

Marko and Olli: Yes, yes, yes.

Olli: But the word changes all the time.

Female host. Ok.

Host: Well now… earlier we promised a possible surprise request…

Other host: Or you did anyway.

Host: I promised, yes… I don’t know if you want to go along with this or not but…

Marko [in a deep voice]: What?!

Host: I would like to put in a sweet and shy request… because in my opinion the best Poets of the Fall song ever is King of Fools. Would it in any way be possible…

Someone [in a funny voice]: Please, please, please…

Host: … to get an acoustic live version of this song?

Marko: Quite an interesting questi… I mean request. Of course it’s possible. Or we’ll see how it goes. Because we haven’t played that song since 2006, so…

Female host: Oh.

Host: Oh dear.

Marko: We’ll see if it’s still etched in our spine.

Host: You will absolutely have to include it in your set list. Notice me starting to give advice here..

Marko: Yes, we do notice…

Host: I’ll just shut up now and concentrate to listen.

Marko: The next step is to get in touch with a psychiatrist…

Olli: And if you feel like it, just sing along, it’s fine.

Female host: I was just wondering if I should…

Olli: In case Marko forgets the lyrics.

Female host: …to find the lyrics for you online so you can function as a theater whisperer.

Marko: Whisperer, but in a sign language if you don’t mind… from across the studio.

Female host: With notes.

Host: I promise to be all quiet and enjoy the music. Now Poets of the Fall, King of Fools.

King of Fools live performance.

Host: Oh my.

Clapping hands.

Female host: Beautiful.

Host: I have to say, this felt so good, thank you so much Marko and Olli. Poets of the Fall Alchemy Vol. 1 in stores tomorrow, go get one for yourselves.

Other host: Thank you very much.

Marko and Olli: Thanks.

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