Marko & Olli at The Voice

April 15th 2011 Poets Of The Fall interview for Voice (watch video here, or download it froum our archive). 
Thanks Dark Side Of Light for the transcript

Marko: Oh!

A man: Hi!

Marko: That was my tai chi teacher.

Reporter: Ah, I see. I thought it was a fan, but it wasn’t.

Marko: I’m a fan of his, he’s a brilliant guy.

A clip of Lift music video.

Reporter: What was your criteria for choosing the songs?

Marko: The songs which we have made videos to, of course, because they’re included in the album. Then the most popular ones, the ones people have requested the most and have been played on the radio a lot, in Finland and elsewhere. And the songs people hope to see at gigs, even though they haven’t been part of our set list. But now is the chance to hear these songs live on our upcoming tour. So in this case our fans have been able to directly influence us.

A clip of Lift music video.

Text box: On the tour this spring there are new countries, Russia and Ukraine. The band’s ultimate dream however would be Japan.

Marko: These are the kinds of things that one can plan easily for three or four years and then at some point things just click with some manager somewhere and the gig can be organized and things work out and we go and do the gig. We’ve been asked to come to Ukraine for years now but this was the first time we were able actually go for it. Everything clicked just right. And this happens all over the world all the time. What did we have last year? Chile, Argentina and Brazil that we started negotiating about… it would be great to go check it our someday because we have a lot of fans there too. And in Mexico, a huge amount of fans. It would be great to visit that part of the country.

A clip of Late Goodbye music video.

Text box: The conquering of the world is slowed down by running their own small record label.

Marko: Of course it bums you out when you can’t tear yourself to be everywhere at once but one just have to accept it. We are a three guys record label, so…

Olli: It’s a complicated thing in a sense that… we’re open for anything. If someone wants to offer us a very good deal and everything the world can offer then anything can happen. But it’s a whole different thing to try and get everything to work out. So we would like… if someone would like to “buy” us now, they had better have something substantial to offer. So far no such offers have come to us but maybe some day.

Marko: What do you mean, not for sale?

Olli: Heheh, yeah, exactly! We’re so eager to do things for ourselves, that…

Marko: No, it’s actually pretty great to do music for ourselves or for others, when you have your own peace to do it, it’s just really great, you know? It’s fun to go to the studio, tweak your ideas and stuff. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

A clip of Late Goodbye music video.

Text box: POTF has composed music for example for Johanna Kurkela. The band’s career went to a rise when Last Goodbye was chosen for the Max Payne 2 game.

Text box: Can You Hear Me was chosen for Death Rally game this year.

Marko: We’ve never limited ourselves to a genre. Anything goes. From classical to rap and from heavy metal to Poets Of The Fall. We just make songs. And when someone tells you to make a song of a certain type, we’ve noticed that we can do it. And we don’t mean to praise ourselves with this. Then we have huge amount of different things left over, things we can’t really use for Poets Of The Fall because it goes too far beyond our own style. So we dig them out from our drawers and see if we can offer anything from there to some other artist that it might suit for. It’s not all that different from writing music for our own band. Captain did a lot of work on his own though, that was the biggest difference. We weren’t giving him so much hard time. “No, increase the volume of that one a little more, and that one quieter.”

A clip from Can You Hear Me music video.

Text box: POTF has opened their own web store at their website.
[Translator’s note: I think they’re talking about the digistore, not POTF shop.]

Olli: Let’s just say that our own web shop gave us possibilities to give ideas to fans and we don’t have to push everything through a normal production machinery. For example, if I come up with some guitar shredding piece – and I love to work on those – it may possibly go up there.

Marko: When Olli makes his own “How to shred like Olli” DVD, it will be up for sale there.

Olli: It may be found there one day.

Reporter: Buy a solo.

Marko: Buy a solo…

Olli: Exactly.


Marko: Red Hot Chili Peppers tried to sell Anthony Kiedis’ pubic hair during one of their gigs… maybe it’s just a waste…

Reporter: Were they signed?


Reporter: DNA.

Marko: DNA signed.

Reporter: Comes with a DNA certificate.

Marko: Maybe that goes a little… not even something to consider. But anyway.

A clip of Can You Hear Me music video.

Text box: Twilight Theater came out in 2010, the new album is still in the shrouds.

Olli: By the time our money runs out. We have to come up with something… then.

Marko: That’s true.

Olli: …something to sell again.

Marko: To quote the great late Kurt Cobain: “We’re not that rich, you know.”


Olli: Right, right. But…

Reporter: “Yet”, is what they add to the end of it these days.

Olli: Oh yeah!


Marko: Yet.

Olli: No, it depends how you measure things. It’s going to take some time, for sure, we’ve already kind of started on it. Whatever stubs of songs we have, we keep on working them when we can spare the time.

Marko: I checked out my old mobile phone, which is pretty much my studio along with the newer phone, and I found about 255 song sketches on its memory card. I had completely forgotten about them. Most of them is just rubbish, but anyway, it’s all there, the moodflow.

Olli: You never know how a making of a great song begins.

Marko: Yeah.

Olli: It can even come from [Olli beat boxes] that you came up with when you were in the toilet.  

Marko [laughs]: Can you say that again, please?


Olli: That’s how it goes. I have a lot of that on my phone too.

Marko: So do I.

Reporter: I’ll spread the rumour then, the next album is going to be purely beat boxing.

Marko: Yeah.

Olli: Yes, yes. Yes.

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