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Marko & Olli @MetroFM, March 14th 2011
Kimmo Sainio and Juha Perälä hosting.

Host: It’s Metro FM Morning at 9.12 o’clock and the morning show guests have arrived to chatter with us for a while. Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall, good morning.

Olli: Morning.

Marko: Good morning.

Host: How long ago was it, I was just trying to count back, has it been just about a year since we last met. Back then, your album Twilight Theater had just come out. Do I have it right?

Marko: Yeah, nearly at the same time in recent years… I mean, last year.


Marko: It came out sometime in recent years.

Host: So this is like a yearly reunion then.

Marko: We breakfast together once a year together.


Marko: Because you have a quite a table setting here, I’m sure every listener wouldn’t mind having some of this the first thing in the morning. Makes you wake up nicely.

Host: Yes, Perälä, I think we should quote the famous commercial “I’m sure you’d like some too”.

Perälä (host): Yes. Kimmo, would you like to tell everyone who actually brought the breakfast items?

Kimmo (host): Oh yes, our new intern went and got it for us.

Perälä (host): Whaat? Whaat?

Kimmo (host): Nah, just kidding… let’s get down to business now. Something really great is happening day after tomorrow. Your first compilation album is coming out.

Marko: It’s almost like the first album.

Host: Is it like the first album?

Marko: It’s almost like the first album…

Host: Ok, well it’s good that that’s how you feel about it; I was just thinking how all the best songs will be in one CD. But what else does it include? I was under the impression that there are a couple of new songs too.

Marko: Two new songs and all our music videos that we’ve ever published are included on a DVD in the same package.

Host: Okay.

Olli: And then there are some photographs from different video shoots that haven’t been published before and…

Marko: For a good reason.

Olli: Yes, well it’s…

Host: Is it some home video stuff?

Olli: Let’s just say that the photos are too embarrassing to be published at all, but we had to.


Marko: Rather homey stuff…

Olli: They’ve been snapped at the back room between takes…

Marko: Among other things.

Olli: There will be some from the actual shooting locations as well. All kinds of photos.

Marko: Anything we could scrape together… “Guys, we really have to get something together…”

Olli: Yeah, yeah, we have to find anything!

Marko: “We’ve got these photos here, can we use these? No, but let’s use them anyway.”

Host: Gentlemen, can you tell me how a compilation album is actually put together? Do you put the best selling songs in there or do you put your own favourites in?

Marko: There are some of our favourites, and also favourites of our fans, either single publications or song requests that we get for the gigs. That’s what we’ve chosen. We get all kinds of advice from outside sources, for example about how many songs to put in it so it’s not too many, and how we should form the full package. We have about 50 songs, so the choosing goes rather well. But it includes our singles, our most played songs, our most requested songs and our personal favourites. And when you have to choose between songs, those factors were the ones that mattered.

Olli: Actually it was rather difficult to pick the songs because we wanted the songs from all those categories, singles, most played, most requested, our favourites. It easily made a very long list, but I think we were able to come down with a nice tight package.

Host: It’s great that you’re taking into consideration what the listeners and fans want but when you’re on a tour and playing live sets, you probably choose the songs that you like to play and… how do I say this nicely…songs that the fans may not listen to so much. So when you’re choosing songs for the compilation, you pick songs the fans want to hear, but also the ones you like to play and then before you know it, all your songs are back on the list again?


Marko: Yes, that tends to happen rather easily, but a gig is a very different thing from an album. And the idea of a compilation comes from…. After having worked for a certain number of years and a certain number of albums have come out and you want to take some certain things from each one and… there are a lot of people out there who like the band but haven’t bought all our albums or just don’t buy music in such large quantities. I for one don’t always buy every album of every artist I like, or follow up on every band I like with a close eye. That’s when you want to buy the compilation album because it has the best songs, the ones you’ve liked for years. That’s the kind of system that a compilation album is… and then it’s also nice to put in some new music in there so that also HC-fans get something new out of it, because they already have every song we’ve previously made.

Host: I’m sure Kimmo will soon play your new single, but before we listen to the song…. It must be like that, compilation is a very good idea, there are many bands who have been doing music for years, even decades. And usually the bulk of the people know just the latest stuff. So when the compilation comes out, just like you said Marko, is a good way to find new listeners by giving them some material they haven’t heard before and then they catch on to the older stuff as well. Have you noticed if this has happened with your old… or can you say “old” when it comes to your band? Do your think your older albums will start selling again in the wake of this compilation?

Olli: I really don’t know if that will happen yet, but surely it’s always a good thing when albums sell well. But you usually don’t think it from that perspective because all your songs are close to you and familiar and in some ways always fresh, even the first ones. But there are many people who have found us only with our last album but haven’t really bothered with the older songs. So now they may find Late Goodbye and go “wow, this is a great song”. It’s always a positive thing.

Marko: When it comes to our latest album, I know of people who played Alan Wake, heard War and sent us a message in twitter about having bought all our albums because that one song was so good. Like “I found you guys from this, but I bought everything you’ve got”. It’s possible that such will happen. Hopefully.

Host: We’ll continue in a moment, but now it’s time to listen to one of their new songs. Can You Hear Me on Metro FM.

Host: That was new music from Poets of the Fall, Can You Hear Me. One of the two songs in the new compilation album which is due to come out day after tomorrow. Isn’t that right?

Marko: Yes, yes.

Olli: Yeah. Greetings to Captain. It sounded very good.

Host: An excellent song, Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall visiting the morning show. Let’s talk a little more about the compilation album. When you look back the years, what do you think, have you changed as a band since when you first started out? With four albums that have come out and the compilation coming out now.

Marko: We’ve now got huge bags under our eyes, and completely black too. We have to use light pencil make up at least 2 bottles per day…

Host: Don’t you have anyone sponsoring you about this…


Marko: Light pencil sponsors…

Host: Oh absolutely…

Olli: I’m sure we’ve changed to a more mature direction, and more intelligent and more wise and better songwriters…

Marko: That’s always a good thing.

Host: More handsome too.


Olli: Fortunate for men, they just keep getting handsomer and handsomer.

Marko: Handsomer, yes.

Marko: And what else can we come up?

Host: I still had a mouth full of coffee, I expected you to praise yourselves a little longer… but no more of that apparently.

Host: You’ve been involved with computer and console games from the start, there was Late Goodbye and Alan Wake has War, right?

Marko: Yeap.

Host: I also noticed that Rock Band has your Lift song?

Olli: Yes, we got it in there… they contacted us from across the pond, a company that produces more content for Rock Band. They asked for Lift, and after we got all the legal things sorted out, which took about three months of negotiations, things started moving on…

Marko: Light estimate, three months.


Olli: But anyway, a happy thing for us because the request came from their end. We’re glad to be a part of it.

Host: We’ve asked some Rock Band players, especially if they’re a musician and they have their own song in there or sports people, like Ami Asikainen who’s featured in a boxing game. He told us that he’s rather lousy at playing himself in the game. How is it with Rock Band? Have you tried to play Lift on it, as a band?


Olli: No, we haven’t tried.

Marko: No, not yet.

Olli: We haven’t tried it, but we thought we’re really going to have to get it to the office so that we can try it out. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a worse job on Lift in the game than for real.

Host: I was just thinking, Lift has a really great beginning with the guitar riff…

Host tries to sing the riff.

Host: Well that didn’t go that well.

Olli: No, it went quite well.

Host: But I was thinking… I’ve played Rock Band a little, with the guitar, when you go with the most difficult version, it will probably be difficult even for you Olli.

Olli: Oh yes, absolutely guaranteed.

Marko: The solo may give some trouble.


Olli: Yeah, yeah, it’s a completely different thing… It’s one thing to play it with a real guitar… You have to do it differently in the game.

Host: You have to keep your eyes on the little balls.

Olli: Exactly..

Marko: The similarities are like with playing a guitar and a harmonica.


Olli: Excatly. But on the other hand I like playing games, so I’d like to learn to do it with the game as well.

Marko: Then you can play it like that in our gigs too.


Marko: The rest of us can go have coffee in the back room.

Host: Gig is about to start and you’ve got the Rock Band guitar and everyone else keeps telling that you really can’t go on stage and play with that… But it could be a good idea, have some fans over and first they play the song with Rock Band and then you guys will do it.

Olli: Yeah, yeah.

Host: And the fans will probably do it better.

Marko and Olli: Most likely.

Host: We’re going to have to take care of it. How about the up coming gigs, the spring is almost here and summer isn’t far away either. Open Air music festivals will start putting out info about the performers. How is your schedule looking after the compilation album has come out? Where are you going to have gigs?

Marko: We always give out info in the last minute… Like “oh no, we were supposed to put this out…”

Host: Going to be in a hurry…

Marko: I wonder if there’s going to be any audience in our gigs…

Olli: We have a few gigs coming up. This week we have Tavastia. Then a couple of gigs in Russia in April. Ukraine in May. In the summer lots of open air festivals in Finland.

Marko: Something in Germany as well.

Olli: Yeah, we have plans to that direction. The autumn is undecided, we’ll go according to the situation.

Marko: We should be going to India all the time.

Olli: India has been offered to us a lot…

Marko: We should be going there at least once every week…

Olli: Yeah, we’ll see if we can fit it in. We really have to do a balancing act between different things time wise. The initial idea is to start working on the next album in the beginning of April already.

Marko laughs.

Olli: But we have to do some touring at the same time, so we don’t really know how it’s going to go. But let’s just say that we’re rather open to different things all the time, come what may and what we have time for.

Marko: I really have to tell to listeners that right now I’m sitting on a chair that is four meters high and it’s red. The carpet is red as well. I used to rock climb for years on both sides of the year 2000, before Poets of the Fall, and this chair is giving me the feeling of sitting 55 meters high up on some edge. I keep supporting myself with the table in front of me so that I’m not going to fall down. And I keep thinking where to clip myself for safety.

Host: Marko, you wouldn’t happen to know Veikka Gustafsson [well known Finnish mountain climber], would you?

Marko: I don’t know him, just met him once. I know a lot of other climbers though. I’m not quite extreme enough to have climbed in the same place at the same time with him.

Host: What’s the highest place you’ve ever climbed? The tower of the Olympic Stadium [in Helsinki]?

Marko: No, I think the highest rock walls I’ve climbed have been 50-60 meters high.

Host: That’s quite… without safety ropes?

Marko: I happened to be sane enough back then to use a rope.


Marko: The things I have soloed, so called, meaning climbing without ropes and safety measures, are quite a lot lower than that…

Host: Tell me, I’ve really got to ask now, you being musicians and do-gooders. With the situation in Japan, are there any plans going on as of yet to hold a charity concert with all profits go to aid Japan? Have you happened to hear anything in your circles? Because usually they set one up rather quickly.

Marko: No, but the idea is a brilliant one. Maybe we should do something about it.

Olli: Yes, that’s true, it should be done.

Host: I mean really, think, first they got the tsunami, then 3 power plants failed, then they got a volcano eruption. Just waiting for the Godzilla, I guess…

Marko: Yes, exactly…

Olli: Yes, well, it’s quite a lot…

Host: Now that you [the other host] threw Tokio into the mix, what place has stayed in your minds in terms of concerts?

Marko: Ehhh…

Host: What kind of places have you performed in that have…

Marko: I think the most memorable stuff happened when we first started. And at some point it’s turned into… there are so many gigs that [changes his voice] excuse me if I can’t remember every single one. But in all that fog…

Olli: I have a memory from an open air festival last summer, we were playing Illusion and Dream, and I happened to turn so that I was facing back stage. And it was Perälä [the host of this show] over there singing along and got the lyrics right. I was like “wow, we‘re really on top now”.

Marko: You can replace me anytime, while I go to the Bahamas and lay in a hammock for a change.

Host: No, I really do know some of your songs. Is it a surprise to you? Be honest. Most of the time hosts just give lip service about your songs, that they’re really great… Is it a surprise that I actually know them?

Olli: Oh yes, yes. Because, usually you have some artist as a guest every day and you get more than your share of having to listen to music. One thinks that you really get enough of it here at work that you just want to listen to birdsongs at home… or silence.

Marko: I happen to listen to birdsongs when I drive.

Olli: So for real, it is a surprise. A very positive one.

Host: Now that we got into this yankee stuff, telling each other how great the other is, I want to honestly say that in Ruisrock [open air festival] in 2006 or 2007, maybe even 2005… Anyways, you were performing there and I remember your warm-up. Marko was doing, not an actual song but just different sounds, I thought it sounded pretty damn good, I still remember it. Do you remember what year it was? Have you performed there often? Was it 2005 or 2006…?

Marko: We’ve been there almost every year. I don’t remember which one is could have been…

Olli: Which stage did we play on?

Host: It was the one that was a little… not Beach Stage or Field Stage but in between those two…

Olli: Pavillion Stage.

Host: I think it was that one.

Olli: Like it was facing the beach, huh?

Host: Yes, yes.

Olli: Was it a rainy gig, did it start to rain? I wonder if it was two thousand and…

Host: Yes, yes…

Marko: I think it was rather hot there…

Host 2: I remember the gig and the pictures from it, I think it was 2007 or 2008.

Host 1: There was TikTak performing at the same time. Now I remember. And Apulanta, but they’re also there every year…

Olli: Yeah, yeah… the same names every year.


Host: Anyway, it sounded really cool, I think the topic got a bit out of hand, but, Kimmo [the other host], take control.

Marko: Save us.

Host: Really got out of hand a little, but… We’ve had some really good stuff here for this morning. Isn’t it so that the album release party, the compilation release party actually, is on Friday at Tavastia club in Helsinki.

Marko and Olli: Yes.

Are there any tickets available? I mean, if I’m going to advertise it a little, like “Hey, it’s a money well spent to go check this band out of Friday!” and then it’s sold out.

Marko: It’s sold out already as far as I know.

Host: Okay.

Olli: Yeah, that’s how it is.

Host: It will still be worth it to hang outside the door…

Olli: You can always try.

Marko: Welcome anyway.

Host: I’ll be sure to try to get in with Perälä somehow… with our press IDs.

Olli: And if you know the lyrics, you’ll be sure to get in.

Marko: We’ll be there.

Host: So Perälä will have to sing in the queue to get in…

Olli: Most likely, yes.

Host: I’ll try to be able to put up with it then…

Olli: Perhaps on the stage too.

Host: Oh… oi, what?! Wait a minute… well, everybody to Tavastia on Friday.

Marko: Does this mean I get a night off?

Olli: So, Marko won’t be in Finland at that time…

Marko: Not even at this moment.

Host 2: Haven’t they had some kind of a disco lately in there? So if after your gig the club has to be emptied from all underage crowd, I’ll do some singing and everyone will definitely leave. And the disco can begin.

Olli: We can do that.

Host: Juha Perälä song Late Goodbye. Everyone leaves. Thank you very much Marko and Olli for coming here…

Marko and Olli: Thanks.

Host:… to our morning show and see you on Friday. Or if not then, then maybe one year from now, again. I mean, if you’re starting with the new album on April…

Olli: The goal is to get it out next year around the same time. We can book an interview now already.

Host: Thank you, we have an agreement then. Let’s move on with some Travis and slang news coming up in a moment.

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