Marko & Olli @Radio Aalto

March 4th, 2011: Marko & Olli interviewed by Radio Aalto (download the audio file here)
Thank you Dark Side Of Light for translating

Female host: And we’ve also got Olli here! So wonderful you could make it.
Marko: Do you want to give a holler?
Female host: You can holler us from over there.
Olli: Hey!
Marko: Yeah, Olli may shout into my mike.
Male host: Olli is an official observer on the red sofa.
Female host: It’s really so nice that you could come. First things first, how are you?
Marko: We’re just fine, keeping busy with a lot of things with our best of album coming up… in a couple of weeks, is it?
Female host: On the 16th.
Marko: On the 16th, and it’s given us a lot of work to do and well, on the other hand a lot of really nice stuff to do, such as shooting the video…
Female host: Okay.
Marko: …for our new song and such.
Male host: Even though it’s a best of, you have some new songs in there, one or two?
Marko: There’s going to be two new songs there.
Male host: Yeah. One of them is the single Can You Hear Me which we’ll listen in a bit, but let’s not go there just yet.
Female host: You have time for going to visit Russia and Ukraine in a little bit. I’m really fascinated with the star culture they’ve got over there, so tell us a little bit about what it’s like to visit those countries?
Marko: It’s like when you first land to the airport they basically have a limousine, no actually they sometimes do for real, waiting for us. And I can tell everyone right here and now that they’re really impractical when you have a big crew of people, because the roof is so low. It’s like a cigar pipe with a row of windows and everyone climbs in from the one door it has and once you’re all in, you look at the décor and the lights and you just wonder, “hmm, what have people been really doing in here before us…”
Female host: Is it safe to touch anywhere?
Marko: Exactly, is there any other option except to float?
Male Host: Russia doesn’t yet have a long history of foreign bands coming in to perform, so this kind of culture is still rather new in there. Does this freshness still show when you go over there?
Marko: Perhaps it does, at least when it comes to us there’s been really fanatic fans over there, in a sense that they come and welcome you everywhere, in the train station or airport with a big crowd when you arrive. They wait in front of the gig venues and outside our hotel and restaurant if they know where we’re staying. Some people even climb over gates and barb wire or such to wait for us by our tour bus. The security over there is really good though, apparently experience has taught them to do that part well. They have 20 or so of these short hair, black suit men with buttons on their forehead [translator’s note: I think he meant ears, as in communications system].
Male Host: So it really is like it’s shown in world famous star documentaries that the cameras flash right from when you come out of the plane and fans with banderols and lots of security. Is it really?
Marko: Yes, it really sometimes is.
Male Host: Wow.
Marko: Sometimes you get to walk down the street without any hassle but sometimes it’s impossible. And when I say without hassle, I mean people running after you….
Female host laughs.
Marko: … screaming.
Female host: But no one tries to grab you.
Marko: Oh yes they do.
Female host: But a truly non hassle moment would be when no one’s hanging on to your sleeve.
Marko: Yeah, no one’s grabbing me right now.
Female host: What is it like to be able to play a little in this kind of a princess world and then not have it 24/7, that you’re able to leave it behind?
Marko: It’s actually really important to get there, to see this side of things too, to get these experiences and understand how surreal it is. Because in Finland, through all your life, it just doesn’t happen to you and you don’t come across it except by watching MTV or movies. But when you go out there and you’re the target of all that, it feels pretty freaky.
Female host: You are that Britney Spears for a moment.
Marko: Well yeah… and in India I pretty much was Britney Spears, so…
Male host: Would you like to talk a little more about that?
Marko: No, it was just a commercial of Britney Spears’ new album blah blah and the next thing in the national news was that Poets of the Fall is in India right now.
Female host: That’s so great!
Marko: So it was a bit like… us and Britney Spears, how come are we in the same news broadcast in the first place?
Male host: Yes, the reality in Finland can be quite deceiving, because pop stars can go out without getting harassed, except maybe for the world’s biggest stars, also international names can go about rather freely. So the reality of it out there must be times… it must be a completely different world.
Marko: Yeah… I remember this funny episode from last winter when I had been booked to wrong flights and I got a replacing flight for a couple of hours later and from there I was in a huge rush to a connecting flight on from Moscow to Finland. No, actually it was the flight connecting to a train trip. My flight was delayed a little on top of everything and it was about an hour and 10 minutes drive to the train station. When I landed, I had 40 minutes. I really had a local James Bond meeting me at the airport, he told me we have a slim chance and should we try it. I was like ok, let’s go for it. It really was an incredible James Bond experience, this guy drove so incredibly fast in central Moscow as well as in the highway, it was 160 km per hour or something. And all kinds of other little things happened on the way as well, so…
Female host: Handguns and all?
Marko: Well, it was astonishing, when you meet this guy wearing a leather jacket and he escorts you to a black Mercedes and…
Olli: I just want to add that the rest of the band was already in the train because our flights were fine. We were just waiting for Marko and didn’t know if he was going to make it on time or not. I was looking out the window, I didn’t see where Marko was coming in. But we did know that our bass player was going to stay behind too if Marko wouldn’t make it.
Marko: Because the bass player is the basis for everything.
Olli: And I realized that the train was moving already. At the same time I heard Marko jumping into the train. It was literally the exact same moment the train left the station. Everybody clapped their hands at it.
Marko: Actually we tried to get into the train from the other end than our car and seats were in but the local bureaucracy didn’t allow for it. They simply pushed us out from the moving train. And then we started running along the moving train with all our luggage. Luckily it was going slow enough for us to run 14 cars ahead and throw our stuff in to the right car and get in. And last spring’s famous throat infection is what I got from that, so…
Female host: You can’t be in a bad shape though, if you managed to pull that off.
Marko: Apparently, maybe gigs help you in that respect, you go crazy on the stage for one and half an hours on many evenings every week and it keeps you fit.
Male host: Hey, this is some really great stuff Marko, we’ll continue in a moment, and now we’re going to listen one of the new songs in the upcoming best of album. This is Can You Hear Me.
Male host: This is how the new Poets Of The Fall sounds, Can You Hear Me is one of the new songs in the best of album and it’s coming out on 16th of this month. Marko Saaresto, the singer of the band is here as well as the guitarist Olli, sitting on the red sofa and observing. We’ll continue with them in just a moment. But before that, let’s play some more music, here’s Robbie Williams.
Female host: You’re keeping busy, the album is coming out on March 16th.
Marko: Yeah.
Male host: But let’s talk about something else, the yellow press have a big scoop on Finland’s Idols and a dramatic twist in the plot yesterday. A huge favourite and expected winner Lasse dropped out yesterday on the grounds of his band losing all credibility if he continues to be involved in this type of competition. Marko, how much do you think about such issues within the band, about credibility and such. Do you have any limitations on what you get involved in or not?
Marko: Yes we do have some limitations. I think when it comes to having credibility, it’s a thing apart from the limitations, but it’s also something that we come across time to time. Because the questioning of credibility always comes from somewhere outside and it happens to most public figures and artists now and then.
Marko: [funny sound ]Oh, oops, something happened with my throat, I wonder what that was…
Marko: But as far as limitations of what we do and don’t do and what we get involved in, it’s pretty much based on what we want to do or what we don’t want. It has to be an internal decision, it can’t come from outside somewhere, someone’s opinion of keeping a reputation. If you want to do something, you do it, and the reputation comes after it and everyone sees this world from their own perspective… it’s only a myth that if you do something you’re going to lose your reputation.
Female host: Earlier today we talked to Jimmy Constantine about our youth, and what it would have been like if we already had Big Brother back then, or Face Book when we were 15 to 20 years old.
Would your image be very different from now, if those things existed before? Because now, you have a sort of a clean image, you haven’t been getting crazy with your clothes off and..
Marko: Oh no, we have.
Female host: … and you’re not known as that BB-Marko.
Marko: You’re right, I’m not.
Female host: But would you perhaps be…
Marko: My ass has been on national TV.
Female host: But would you have been BB-Marko? Would you have done stupid things in FB, Olli? If things would have been as they are now when we were young.
Marko: Would you like to answer into my mike?
Olli: Yes, I probably would have… I’ve done crazy things as I’m sure everyone has. Maybe things would have ended up to FB as well. But would it have been such a bad thing? Maybe it would have just been a natural thing to do… oh I don’t know! So…
Female host: But think about it, how you perceive BB celebrities… it’s really not that positive. What if your image was something similar to that?
Olli: Well… everything is possible of course.
Marko: Olli is rather happy with the way things are now.
Olli: That is… yes, yes I am.
Female host: How about you Marko, would you be BB-Marko?
Marko: I don’t know…
Male host: Or might you be Idols Marko?
Female host: Yeah.
Marko: I really don’t know. It’s possible I might be Idols Marko. If I was young enough for it. But I still doubt it. Because I’ve always been in different bands, since I was 15.
Male host: But there are some contestants in Idols these days that have that 10 years of a band background. And when you haven’t had the big break, you try out in idols.
Marko: In some ways I am a dare devil, at least used to, not that much anymore. I’ve become serene. I don’t really know if I would have gone for it even though I’ve always thought the people who go for it are kind of courageous. My ideology has always been pretty much the same it is now, so maybe I wouldn’t have done anything too crazy, at least publicly. On the other hand it’s important to have your own peaceful life and to be allowed to make those mistakes that are important for everyone in terms of growing and gaining life’s experience.
Female host: Without everything displayed online.
Marko: Yes, without everything going up online. In my opinion a lot of it is private and not meant as entertainment. It’s just a part of any person’s own growing and life story.
Female host: Why don’t we all take each other by the hand and form a circle of middle-aged people…
Female host: …and commiserate the young people today because their life is so very difficult.
Marko: Oh oh oh oh…
Female host: When we were young things were so much better.
Marko: We had it so easy!
Female host: Now you need to get some media education, boys!
Male host: This day in the studio has been full of rather confusing things… For a while it has felt like being in a scene of an AD/HD movie or something. Not now, but we had Jimmy Constantine and Michael Monroe as guests earlier today and what we have here now is from a completely different movie…
Marko: This must be Gandhi, or something such.
Female host: This situation is really pretty incredible, Marko and Olli from Poets Of The Fall, Sami Kuronen and Kristiina Komulainen [the hosts‘ names], we’re here holding hands in a circle! Thank you! Yikes!
Male host: Ok, who’s going to light the candles, shall we draw a pentagram or what are we going to do?
Female host: Inhale the good air and exhale the bad….
Male host: One more quick question before the end, the upcoming Sunday is Shrove Sunday…
Marko: Is it?
Male host: Will Poets Of The Fall be riding down the hill on a pulk/sled?
Marko: No, we won’t be.
Male host: No?
Marko: No.
Male host: Why not?
Marko: I don’t know… we’re going…
Marko: I was going to say, we’re going downhill anyway. But then I thought no no no. We’re going up the hill anyway. Actually, I bought this piece of graphic by Kristiina Lehtonen of people walking up a sled hill. It’s absolutely brilliant.
Female host: I’m sure it’s sufficient for the occasion.
Marko: It’s a size of a post card, a graphic art piece which I bought as soon as I first saw it.
Male host: So next week you’ve got the shooting of a video, and a week of vacation after the album release and after that all hell breaks loose.
Marko: Yes, we’ll be getting very busy after that. I have to say that I’m very pleased how things have for once gone so well with the scheduling of things that it seems we’ll be able to breath a little while we’re doing what we do.
Male host: Just in a few words, all your earlier music videos have received very positive feedback and they’ve been very stylish. What’s in store with the new video?
Marko: It’s going to be a very sweet, rather simple video in its main idea. It promotes tolerance and compassion and I hope many people will embrace that because in my opinion it’s a very important thing in today’s world. Maybe even the most important thing.
Female host: Thank you Poets Of The Fall, thank you Marko and Olli. Have a great spring and enjoy the album release.
Marko: Thank you.

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