Marko @RadioNova (Feb 2012)

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Thank to DarkSideOfLight for translating

Ari Hursti: It’s 8:38. That was a weird click-smack kind of sound.
Minna Kuukka: Yes, yes. We’re here sitting in the studio, the three of us, and there’s an empty chair in the middle.
Minna laughs.
Ari: Kuukka, Hursti, Laitinen and… and.. and…
Aku Laitinen: But not for long. We’re going to have a guest from Poets Of The Fall.
Ari: Yeah, Marko. But not…
Minna: So, Marko is in the house, that’s not the problem. But we have a couple of different doors from where you can come in and apparently Kristofer is at one door and Marko is at the other and they’re trying to find each other. And perhaps someone is already in the elevator. Yeah, but…

Aku: We could have some awkward conversation here, like we have to come up with anything.
Minna: We could.
Ari: Or then we could be all silent.
Minna: We have a message here for the specialty man Laitinen here…
Ari: Ah, no?
Minna: Besides the fact that Laitinen is soooo cute…
Aku: Oh! Hit and sunk, thank you!
Minna: … then referring to…
Aku: Just leave it at that.
Ari: He’s feeling good now.

Minna: Referring to what you previously said, before the 8 o’clock news, when you gave advice in case of a mishap on the road. You said if the car engine stops, just leave it running so you won’t get cold. And we got to bully you about it a little. So the message goes that if the specialty man Laitinen can leave his car running after the engine stops, is he related to Chuck Norris.

Ari: Was this a question or…
Aku: I really can’t reveal this. Cos I’d have to kill anyone who heard, after telling. But yes, I’m very closely related to Chuck Norris. And let’s just say that the only reason different animal species exist in this world is because Chuck and I are letting them live.
Aku: Nah, I’m not related. It’s great that a myth like this is circling around. Just kick more power into it if it indeed exists.

Minna: Do you have the same kind of rug as Chuck has?
Aku: No, that’s what I’m missing. I’m missing that fine round house kick and the rug. By the way, did you know that hiding behind his beard, Chuck has a third fist?
Aku: I don’t have a beard, I can’t keep it in hiding.

Ari: But now, in the studio!
Minna: For once I’m going to have to say: Thank God our guest is here!
Ari: Yes!
Minna: Cos our stories started going to the kind of state, that…
Aku: Dispare.
Ari: You saved our live transmission, welcome!
Minna: Yes.
Marko: Oh, thank you, thank you.
Minna: Marko, good morning!
Marko: Good morning.
Ari: Let’s shake hands.
Marko: I’ll shake hands, even from this far away. There you go. Good morning to each class and caste, for everyone out there in the freezing weather and I hope you were able to tune in just in time. Getting here on time was such a close call for me. But I’m here on the exact right minute.

Minna: Did you arrive by car?
Marko: I had a really brilliant… I’m sure that taxi driver was from some Aladdin’s lamp.
Marko: I said I have to be there at 8:30 exactly, because the live transmission starts at 8:40 and he was like it’s going to be alright, I have a little trick, we can turn from the hot dog kiosk to the opposite traffic lane and by 8:30 we can be in Timbuktu if you want.
Ari: Like my aunt lives around the corner, let’s stop by there.

Minna: Well, let’s get to the point then. A song named Cradled in Love has been playing in our frequency as well for about a week now.
Marko: Yeap.
Minna: And it’s the first single from Poets Of The Fall’s upcoming album. So when is the whole album coming out?
Marko: The album is coming out in March. And from what I’ve gathered, if everything goes well and the tight schedule we have keeps, if we can make it in time from the hot dog kiosk, the blast should happen on the 21st.
Minna: Well then. Great, great.

Ari: Can you shed some light on the album, if you can? What kind of material is there going to be, in general?
Marko: Eh, well, there’s going to be familiar Poets, some more experimental Poets and the same kinds of fun songs as Cradled in Love and also some faster paced music that will make you go out of breath.
Ari: Mmmh. Good.
Marko: The album is called Temple of Thought.
Minna: That’s… Temple of Thought: A fine name, and a fine song too. I almost sank into nirvana listening to it [Cradled In Love] on my way home in the car. I almost had to take a look around where I was when the song ended.
Marko laughs.

Minna: And I checked out some fan reactions from your website, and someone had written like “Oh, how nice that it was somehow different, but still there was some familiar Poets Of The Fall in it”.
Marko: Yeah, yeah.
Minna: So if that has been the plan, then it’s worked out well.
Marko: Yes, yes it looks like it came together just perfectly. There was a lot of nervousness about how it’s going to be received.

Minna: Anyway, your website and your discussion forum is a quick and easy way to do an arm chair trip around the world.
Marko laughs.
Minna: Because there are different sections for different countries. Sections. Sections.
Ari: What was it?
Marko: What? Sex… what?
Minna: Like, this is the place for Germans, for fans who speak German and that is… I mean, there were so many different countries and people there.
Marko: Yeah.
Minna: It’s quite dizzying. Just think about it.

Ari: This Cradled in Love, then. A lot of other musicians and music business people and rockers have said that it’s been a while since a world class ballad such as this one has emerged.
Marko: Whoa, whoa.
Aku: Yeah, I’ve bumped into the same comments quite often.
Ari: What does it take, in your opinion?
Marko: What does it take?

Ari: Have you just worked without thinking about it that much, or… is it about some grandiose sound or where does it come from?
Marko: It’s really difficult to say. But I guess it’s about having three guys work on a song, and then everyone pours in their own thing and their feelings. One does something that inspires the other and that inspires back and it turns into a spool of energy and in the end a blast like this comes out. It takes a lot of pain of the soul and tearing to create something like this. So for once all of the banging your head against a wall has led to something great.
Ari: Professional victory.
Marko: Yes.

Minna: Has this happened in between of everything else? Like you’ve been touring and working on the new album.
Marko: Yes, that’s how it works for us usually, somehow.
Minna: And do I understand correctly, that your tour will continue in March?
Marko: Yes, it continues from March onwards, but of course with the new album. Because it’s kind of a… There were Signs of Life, Carnival of Rust and now Temple of Thought, the album to finish the trilogy. Hopefully there will be something special with that.
Minna: Because you’ve been touring under Alchemy title now…
Marko: We started with Alchemy, yes, and we’ll see what will come to succeed Revolution Roulette and Twilight Theater, if anything. Something will come, hopefully.

Minna: You have upcoming gigs in March, there’s St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia and there’s Ukraine.
Marko: Ukraine, yes. And I think some Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania… and what else? Where are we? Finland.
Minna: So what is the fan base like over there? And are the gig situations much different from our Tavastia, for example?
Marko: It depends on the place and the energy you can whip up but our gigs abroad are starting to get quite big already. Like one venue can hold several thousands of people.
Minna: Excactly.
Marko: Interesting choice of words, by the way.
Marko: Yeah. But it can be anything from 3000 to 5000 people in Russia and Ukraine for example. And some other countries have places pretty much like Tavastia and India has really huge arenas. It’s incomprehensible. But it’s really great.

Minna: Do they treat you like… uuuh, mega world stars? Do you have limousine rides from one place to another and…
Marko: Yeah.
Minna: And insane penthouse suites at the hotels and…
Marko: We usually stay at rather reasonable, nice hotels. Now and then we’ve had suites where you just walk from room to room and wonder how you’re going to find use for all this space.
Ari: You need to take a snack with you when you go from room to room.
Marko: Like I’m going to put my Pepsodent [toothpaste brand] over there and I’ll take my spare underwear to that room and I’ll put my gig wear to this 70-square-meter entrance hall. We’ve had that, but usually it’s just a decent basic kind of room.

Ari: When you get a suite like that… Does it ever cross your mind that you ought to behave accordingly, as an artist? Like, when I’m given a situation like that, I’m going to take it.
Marko: It does cross your mind. But if I take advantage of it is another story. We do have parties sometimes. But usually it goes to… if we hang out after the concert it’s just crazy laughing until the morning.
Ari: Is it just your core crew, or do you invite some local people?
Marko: It’s usually that. And maybe some people from the organizers. But a lot of times during the tour… People, I’m going to tell the truth now. So during a day we may have only about two hours for ourselves.
Hosts: Mmmh.

Marko: And we usually spend that time sleeping.
Ari: This is the kind of stuff one would never want to hear. One would like to think that it’s all like… someone’s feeding you grapes while you lie on a divan at the suite or something until you’re taken to…
Marko: I can tell you more about that when we go off air. I can tell you all the stories involving grapes.
Minna: Yesss!
Ari: So it’s not all about the kind of life Mötley Crue used to live?
Marko: No… I think if it was still the 80’s, then it might be a little more like that, but it’s not like that these days. All things evolve in some respect, things change and it’s pretty much all work and so.

Ari: How disciplined is the profession of a musician, during the tour? Is it a free rock ‘n’ roll life or does it go with a purely professional attitude?
Marko: You have to go with a professional attitude, there are a lot of things from promotion to concerts and you have to do it well and stay sharp. And at the same time you get really tired, you’re flying around and you’re awake at the weirdest hours and you meet a lot of people. You have to have a certain kind of work ethic there. But sometimes it’s like… like we’re professionals of waiting around. It feels like we’re always in a hurry to wait around.
Minna: Military service vibe!

Marko: It’s pretty much like in the army, yes. You learn to be very patient. But if you know how to let loose and take it easy, you do get some time for yourself in a way. But quite often it’s just going from one city to the next and you don’t really get to see anything of those cities. It’s a really good day if we’re arriving at Hamburg, for example, in the morning and you have a chance to go walking around the town until noon from when you wake up around 9-10 am feeling confused. And you get to walk around for a couple of hours. And then we have the sound check and after that, interviews. And we meet up with some fans and then it’s time to eat something and then you wonder what to do with the rest of the day. And then we start preparing for the gig and at some point you get to take a nap or something. And at night we have a crazy cuckoo party. And the next morning you’re all confused, like “oh, we’re in Berlin”. And the same thing continues.
Ari: And it sounds like it’s work.

Minna: But Marko has the same kind of speaking voice as his singing voice is.
Marko: Mmm.
Minna: And I could just close my eyes and slowly tilt to the side.
Ari: And fall over with a knock on the floor.
Marko [in a relaxation tape kind of deep voice]: If you at home have a moment to spare, please do close your eyes now and if you haven’t closed them yet or if you have, do close them again. And we’ll lull ourselves into the mood of the next song.

Radio spoof.
Cradled in Love.
Radio spoof.

Ari: It’s 5 to 9 am, the news coming up at 9 am and after that Sari and Minna O. in the studio.
Minna: Yes, we just heard the fine Cradled of Love by Poets Of The Fall. And it’s from the new upcoming album that’s coming out in March. Temple of Thought is the name of the album. Thanks a lot Marko for visiting us.
Marko: Thanks, it was a lot of fun and everyone have a fun day with some coffee and cinnamon rolls.
Minna: We gave him some coffee and cinnamon rolls just now, and a moment of breath before a photo shoot for promo pictures. It’ll be good to go to that setting with some crumbs at the side of your mouth.
Marko: That’s how life smiles at you.
Minna: Good! We’ll continue tomorrow. Bye!

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