MTV3 “Huomenta Suomi” (Good Morning Finland)

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Marko and Olli in the studio.

Host: One of our international success stories, Poets of the Fall. Tow of their members are our guests this morning. Olli and Marko, good morning.

Olli: Morning.

Marko: Morning.

Host: Why was this such a good moment to put all your hits together into one package? There are a couple of new songs in here too, but for all your fans this is a lot of delicacies put together.

Marko: Let’s say that this has been in our thoughts for a while now. That at some point, once we have enough material it would be nice to put them all together and it would in a way be a sign for that moment and then you can move on with new stuff to do. We all thought that now would be the time for it, it was just a feeling.

Host: A space financial statement.

Marko: Exactly, a space financial statement, now we do this and after that we look into the future and decide what to do next.

Host: How does the space financial statement look like then, thinking back on your career?

Olli: Well…

Marko: It looks very good, but when you think back on the albums we’ve done and they’ve all been rather different in our opinion and each one has taken us forward and we thought this would be a good moment and an easy project and we could have a breather.

Olli: Didn’t quite go like that.

Marko: No, it didn’t go like we thought. We really worked hard on this album as well. Even though there’s only two new songs in it and the rest of them were done a long time ago, it still was a huge amount of work. And right now we’re working on a music video to the song we heard a clip of just now. And it’s coming out at the end of the week. And all other projects on top of all that, then… it has been a lot of work. I don’t know, maybe it’s all about going in cycles and repeating these things and trying to discover those small, or sometimes bigger things that change what we do and keeps up our own interest.

Host: If I’ve understood correctly, you’re also very involved in this video project and you want to be aware of everything that’s going on around the band.

Marko: Yes, that’s true, we’ve got our fingers in everything that happens, for good or for bad. Sometimes it would be easier to let go a little and share more of the responsibility and decision making. But when you’re such a control freak that you are, every single thing seems so important that you have to be involved.

Olli: Right, and right from when we first started we had this do-it-yourself mentality and you haven’t really been able to change from it along the way. We’ve thought about it sometimes but it’s never really taken flight so that we actually would have done it. It’s important to be involved and have a say in everything that concerns you. That’s just how it works for us.

Host: Our viewers have sent some questions and one of them has to do with Alan Wake game which has some of your music in it. Here Petri wants to know how big of a role does the game have in your success and has it been a deal of a million?

Olli: Hehe, it certainly wasn’t that. It’s more of a marketing aspect when you get a chance like this.

Host: Even though millions of people play the game and the game has been a success.

Olli: It’s not quite that straightforward, there are many other things playing a part in this particular case, such as friendships and so… And we’ve always had good… I mean, the collaboration with Remedy Entertainment has always been very fruitful. That’s why I wouldn’t really say it’s been a deal of a million. But when you think about what it has given to us in return, you could say it’s a significant event in our case.

Host: Because through the game you’ve received a lot of audience that otherwise would never have…

Marko: Oh, yes, through that we’ve gotten… and especially in the beginning when we were completely unknown, the effect seemed enormous and things started happening literally overnight. Our e-mail overflowed when we got so much feedback from all over the world and it only took a few weeks to count that we had e-mails of all kinds from eighty plus countries. The first two months after Late Goodbye was released in Max Payne was practically all about replying to people’s e-mails. At that point I thought if it would be possible to become a full on musician. From there we founded our own record label and I realized I have to quit my day job because there’s just too much work and it would be a shame to leave this kind of a chance unused. Olli and Captain joined in after a while.

Host: Our time is ending soon, but I have to ask one more question. The biggest musical news in Finland is that Lauri Tähkä and Elonkerjuu quit in bad terms, the notification was sent to the band by e-mail and this isn‘t the first time to happen either. We have examples like Nightwish and a few musicians have left HIM in all different ways. So how volatile is the band dynamics then?

Marko: It’s very volatile. You really have to cherish the whole thing. First find the right people and then cherish what you’ve got so that everything keeps together. Sometimes it’s a dance on a tightrope and sometimes it’s laid back because all your band mates are great. But these situations can happen and it’s a rather classic situation and it’s said that artists are impulsive people. Maybe in some other field of business things are easier and the rules are clearer but in this business it can be a balancing act.

Host: It’s like a passionate marriage.

Marko: It’s a little like a passionate marriage.

Host: Thank you guys.

Marko: Thanks.

Olli: Thank you.

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