Poets of the Fall at Yle Extrem (X3M)

Kjell Simosas hosting the show named Stiftelsen [Foundation, in English].
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Kjell: That was Oskar Linnros with the song 25, it’s 8 minutes past 3 o’clock, you’re listening to Stiftelsen, Hipsu and Kjell From Hell in the studio. We have celebrity guests over in our live transmission. Tomorrow their new compilation album, Alchemy Vol. 1, is out along with a DVD. The compilation album includes all their biggest hits. The band is called Poets of the Fall and they are one of the biggest Finnish bands of the 2000’s. We have Marko and Olli with us in the studio and they’re now going to play their newest single Can You Hear Me for us acoustically. Please.

Can You Hear Me live acoustic.

Kjell: So, so fine! Poets of the Fall, Marko and Olli, playing live acoustic here for Stiftelsen. We’ll welcome the guys into the studio now, and what you just heard was their latest single Can You Hear Me.


Kjell: Can You Hear Me was the name of the song you just heard, and it’s the band’s newest single. They are releasing a few new other songs as well with the upcoming compilation album which comes with a DVD as well. It’s out tomorrow, Alchemy Vol. 1. Marko and Olli from Poets of the Fall, welcome!

Marko and Olli: Yes, thank you, thanks.

Kjell: Oh no, sorry about that, maybe I should turn on your mikes as well. Even your voices aren’t loud enough to reach mine properly…


Kjell: …even if I were to open the window.

Marko: I could shout into your mike.

Kjell: And then it can be heard even all the way in Vaasa [A Finnish west coast town]. So how are you doing? It’s been so long since the last interview.

Marko: Oh yes, it has been. We’re just fine, waiting for the spring to arrive and all the things it possibly brings along.

Kjell: You are a rather positive band, or I have a very positive image of you, your songs aren’t so terribly gloomy even though there is something melancholic about them. So how do you like living in the middle of all this snow half the year? How do you deal with it?

Marko: I can say straight up and honest that I don’t like it at all. I’d like to live in some sunny place with blue skies and palm trees. One could sit on a hammock and write songs.

Olli: Well, I don’t know…

Marko: We’ve written a couple of songs at the beach in the summer, so…

Olli: Yes, we have, it’s become a tradition. I don’t know if living in Finland has that much to do with the style of our music. I’d say the same kind of sensibilities and melancholy would be found in it even if we lived under the palm trees. On the other hand, all of us have lived in Finland for quite a while now, so perhaps we’ve been moulded Finnish somehow or something such.

Marko: These changing seasons are a factor when it comes to having the full kaleidoscope of emotions in the songs, the high points and the low points and everything in between. A rollercoaster ride.

[Kjell translates into Swedish what the guys just said, it would be just repetition so I’m not going to translate it here.]

Kjell: Talking about summer, the compilation album is coming out now and it fits so well into so many different situations. Like if you’re going to a party or to summer cottage. It’s a golden opportunity, if you can’t be bothered to take all your CDs with you, to take a couple of compilations and it will get you through the weekend.

Marko: Yeah, great idea.

Olli: That was a sales speech we hadn’t even thought about.

Marko: Yeah, thanks very much for this.


Kjell: Right, sure.

Olli: But it’s true… that’s how it is.

Marko: Taking a phone call to our marketing department…

Kjell: Well, in your opinion then, to what situations is this compilation best suited? Summer cottage yes, but any other situations?

Olli: I was just thinking that even though my parents have all our albums but it will be handy to have just the one in the car and our compilation could be that one.

Marko: I mean, that’s exactly…

Olli: It’s a whole package of what we’re all about.

Marko: Yes, I totally agree, because when I listen to music, it’s usually in the car while driving. And that’s when I get the most out of the music as well, all the feeling and so. All our albums are suited for listening in the car but the compilation is a retrospective cut through of everything we’ve done so far. It suits very well to be listened in a car.

Kjell: What kind of music listeners are you? The kind who listen about half a song and then skip on, like “No wait, I know another one!” or…


Marko. Captain is like that.

Olli: Yeah.

Kjell: …or you have to listen it to the end once you’ve started, or how do you listen?

Marko: Aaah, well… You’re not like that Captain, you’re listening to this anyway.

Olli: Oh, totally!


Olli: I… Well, we’re all, as musicians, we have to concentrate in the music a little differently. Or it depends on if you like the song you’re listening or not. Let’s just say that the ones we like, we listen very intently to from start to finish. And still, I claim to get really great kicks from listening to songs and I like to relax and take the time just to listen. But on the other hand, I have to say that if we remember that some song had some really great thing in it and we’re at the office working, it’s likely that we go through a lot of songs quickly. Like “no, no it wasn’t this one, not this one either… it was this one, here it is! But actually there’s a better thing in this other song…”. It depends on the situation so much.

Marko: And sometimes we listen to music quite purposefully and it tends to get a bit analytical. But when you listen according to feelings it can be very impulsive. Like “this is how I’m feeling now, I have to listen to this now”.

Kjell: Are you guys into You Tubeing? I mean, if you’re at a party or something and… it’s enough for someone to open the Pandora’s box, like “have you seen this sneezing panda video?”. And that someone goes and finds it in You Tube and you’re close by and go over to say “I know a really good one too, it’s from a Polish comedy show” and then all of a sudden four hours have gone by because everyone wants to show the one they think is the best.

Marko: We’ve talked about this at the studio a few times… how much of our workday can we spend on You Tubeing and how much should we spend on actually working on the songs.

Olli: We kind of have a fine line between when it’s entertainment and when it’s actually finding things that we can implement in our own work, so… but most of you tube videos are just videos and not necessarily music, but it’s usually the funny stuff you look for in there.

Marko: It’s all about giggles.

[Again Kjell translates into Swedish what the guys just said, it would be just repetition so I’m not going to translate it here.]

Kjell: Now we’re going to listen to one of the older hits from Poets of the Fall, Locking Up The Sun, before we continue with Marko and Olli in the studio.

Kjell: Poets of the Fall, Locking Up The Sun from a couple of years ago. The band has an upcoming compilation album hitting the stores tomorrow, and it also includes a DVD. It’s a must have for every Poets of the Fall fan and for those who aren’t familiar with the band from before it’s a prefect buy, Alchemy Vol. 1 is the name of the compilation. What is the latest compilation that you bought?

Marko: The last one I bought was some Marilyn Manson compilation. I have a lot of his albums but it just caught my eye and I picked it up in case it was a good selection of songs so I wouldn’t have to… See, I’m still a bit old fashioned and I listen to CDs in the car and I can’t be bothered to burn a selection for myself from many different albums. I’m rather challenged when it comes to computers.


Kjell: I listened to that exact same collection just this morning.

Marko: Brilliant.

Kjell: Quite a coincidence.

Marko: Yeah.

Olli: I got myself the Billy Idol Greatest Hits.

Kjell: Ok. How did it taste like?

Olli: Very good, he’s the kind of artist that I haven’t really… I suppose I was a little bit too young when he had a lot of hot songs coming out. It was the kind of music that a boys a bit older than me listened to at the time. So I never really checked it out. I decided to educate myself a little, but it was a very good album.

Kjell: Forever young Billy Idol.

Olli: Yes, yes.

[Again Kjell translates into Swedish what the guys just said, it would be just repetition so I’m not going to translate it here.]

Kjell: Now, I don’t know if you’ve read about this scientific study yourselves, but it was done in Sweden and it turns out that out of all musicians drummers are the most intelligent ones.

Marko: I think I’ve read about this some time ago…

Olli: Yeah.

Marko: … and it’s not true.

Olli: It’s most certainly not.

Kjell: I was just thinking how it is in your band.

Olli: It’s a rather even match between the singer, the guitarist and our producer wizard, so…

Marko: Keyboardist, singer and guitarist, but not necessarily in that exact order. It depends on the day.

Olli: Yes, it’s a rather even match.


Marko: That’s the elite.

Olli: We’re top intelligent in any case, so…

Kjell: Yes, yes.

Olli: You can’t escape that fact.

Kjell: But the drummer doesn’t get to step on the podium this time?

Marko: Unfortunately not.

Olli: At least not to the number one spot.

Marko: The first three are announced but the rest is just a gray mass of people.


Kjell: Ok, Club Fairplay is assembling here…

Marko: Good day from the Club Fairplay, heheh.

Kjell: What kind of roles do you have in the band, I’m not talking about who plays which instrument, but who is who?

Olli: In my opinion we’ve always had a very clear division. Marko is the boss and everyone listens to his opinion and the rest of us scuffle in the background how to work things out. But everything has always worked really well between us all. We listen to each other.

Marko: Our roles are the following: I sit and pout in the tour bus, because I’m not allowed to speak. I have to be able to sing in the evening so… and everyone else is shouting and laughing behind me.


Marko: Little circle going round and round right behind me and they’re having all the fun in the world while I just look out the window, ung.

Kjell: So, if you’re the one who usually makes the decisions, then who is the one to challenge them the most?

Marko: If it’s about the three of us, we probably have a funny situation where Olli is the ‘go-between guy’ and Captain and I are the polar opposites. We have a different way of dealing with things and then we have these… on the other hand it’s a good thing because in a way it makes all of us grow. We have our moments of “why do you think like this?” or “how can you think in this way?” or “are you even giving this any thought?”. Because that makes you have to think and it’s a growing experience.

Olli: Yeah, it’s like I always agree with everyone. I’m that guy.

Kjell: The yes man.

Olli: I’m the yes man, absolutely. Of course I have opinions of my own and they may differ a lot from those of the rest but like Marko just said we have to work through these things and it’s usually a good thing.

[Again Kjell translates into Swedish what the guys just said, it would be just repetition so I’m not going to translate it here.]

Kjell: Like I said before, the new compilation album is out tomorrow. What is going to happen to you guys next? You have a few gigs coming up at least. And after that?

Marko: Oh well, we’ve been looking at our schedule and figuring out what would be fun to do next. We do have some gigs coming up but we’re going to make some new music as well, for ourselves and perhaps for other people too, during this year.

Olli: Yes, that’s right, we basically have… actually we have a holiday for the next week after a long bout of work and I’m sure it will do us good. And after that our calendar says “start working on the new album”.


Kjell: Alright!

Olli: But we will have to proceed rather slowly on that because we do have the gigs and then all the other basic stuff, promoting and we have a few song commissions waiting for us, we’ll see when we can get down to working on those.

[Again Kjell translates into Swedish what the guys just said, it would be just repetition so I’m not going to translate it here.]

Kjell: Check our more at www.poetsofthefall.com and a compilation album is out in the stores tomorrow. Marko and Olli thank you very much for visiting. This is Radio Extrem and now it’s time for some news.

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