That which is worthwhile comes to us unbidden

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You have played at Park Live! festival lately, how do you feel about it? Did you have a good time?

Of course, we enjoyed the stage, the audience and the fact that our fans had a great time. All in all it was a great day, even if we had some difficulties with our monitoring and stuff during the show, but lucky for us we were able to work it all out. Also after the show we had a great time just chilling out and watching the awesome display of lightning lashing across the sky.

What do you like more: playing at big open-air festivals or playing your private concerts in clubs? 

Both have their pluses and minuses I guess. It really depends on so many details. I guess, if the vibe is good enough, if there’s electricity in the air, it really doesn’t matter where we play.

What are your plans for the nearest future? Are you going to start recording a new album or are you going to take some time for relaxing?

We’re taking a few weeks off during the summer, and then we’re back hot on the heels of releasing our first Live Dvd and writing some new stuff for the next album. We will also be  taking the Tenth Anniversary Tour back to Europe during the Fall and Winter.

You have posted a tweet-message, saying that Moscow feels like 2nd home for you, do you have any favorite place there? 

We’ve been to Moscow so many times that it feels familiar going there. I don’t know if we have an actual favourite place there, because we mostly get to see the hotel and the venue, as we keep a tight schedule while touring.

You have shot your first DVD in Russia, not in Finland, why so? 

Because of the crazy, wild, loud Russian crowd. We just have such a great energy going on there with our fans, that we wanted to have that on the Dvd.

You have written 2 soundtracks for computer games, speaking about you personally — do you play computer games? Which one is your favorite?

Sure, whenever I get my hands on a great new sword and sorcery type of game I go for it. I love the Fable and Skyrim series.

Have you ever thought of writing a soundtrack for a movie? If yes — tell us, please, about your dream movie you’d like to write a soundtrack for. 

The idea comes up every now and then, so that’s a yes. For the moment though we want to concentrate on Poets of the Fall, as we’ve had so many side projects over the past years… But possibly sometime in the future, if the stars become perfectly aligned, why not. I once said it would’ve been fun to have written the score for Harry Potter, so maybe something like that, or possibly something like the Usual Suspects or the Village, which had awesome soundtracks.

Do you have any special preparations for the show, some kind of rituals? 

With the «dark, barbed-wire shamanistic rituals from hell» aside, we just mainly get ourselves in a good mood, laughing and joking and sweating and get on stage to have a blast, basically that’s that.

What inspires you most of all? 


Which song do you like to play live most of all? 

Carnival of Rust. Delicious is also, well, delicious.

What do you think, how did your music changed from «Signs of Life» to «Temple of Thought»? 

It grew up some. Got heavier and more pronounced, relieved and surefooted. Now there’s a map of crisscrossing lines and crows feet scratched on the surface of every smile, every frown, every thousand yard stare.

Would you like to say anything to your Russian fans?

That which is worthwhile comes to us unbidden. Or like friend once said: «Do not worry so much. Just live your life».

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