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Translated by DarkSideOfLight

Jaana: People who aren’t into gaming probably had to rub their eyes in January when Poets Of The Fall rose to the number one position of Finland’s album chart. For anyone who’s played Max Payne 2 the band is already familiar. Next up is the interview with these chart kings.

Narrator: Finnish game companies have enthusiastically marketed music from their country in their games. An example of this is Apulanta that was included in Transworld Snowboarding and L.A.B. that was included in FlatOut. Also Remedy added some Poets of The Fall to their end credit list. Finns seem to have a strong need to spread their own culture abroad.

Marko: Sometime in the 90’s or so when Renny Harlin made Die Hard 2 he had Finlandia playing on it, with a Finlandia vodka bottle on the screen. And back then it felt cool that it was there and it was a “yeah, yeah” moment when he put stuff like that in. There’s some kind of a little demon in all of us that wants to sneakily and subtly show our Finnish-ness.

Narrator: Unlike in the cases of Apulanta and L.A.B, Poets Of The fall raised some enthusiasm abroad. The success was aided by the fact that with the game, the song found itself into millions of homes.

Marko: At one point when you started thinking that the game has sold millions of copies all over the world and you realize that it’s in people’s homes, your song that you put together somewhere on the toilet floor. It makes you rub your head a little, like how did this happen.

Narrator: This, if anything, proves that it’s worth it for bands to send their demos not only to record companies but also to game companies. Marko and his band has been on the number one spot with finding out how you can reach a great success with methods other than with gigs and getting radio play.

Marko: Nowadays we’ve been having gigs and radio play all year round, but you have to get started somewhere and that was a pretty good way to get started. And it was great for us that people found the song in there, because it could have gone very differently.
Narrator: Even though Poets Of The Fall grabbed an international award with their song Late Goodbye, the success in Finland was a surprise. The band only found out about the number one chart position of their self-published Signs Of Life album from the Top 40 radio show.

Marko: It was quite a surprise, yes. Especially for me it was a bit shock at the moment. And like, when we were on the show we found out about it a second before we were supposed to play Late Goodbye live. You had some work with getting the lyrics right.

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