Today in Rauma, tomorrow in London

Thank you serinde for finding this interview (original here), and thank you DarkSideOfLight, as usual, for translating =)

Today in Rauma, tomorrow in London
Photo caption: Poets of the Fall is six men strong when on tour. The vocalist Marko Saaresto in the middle of the photo. The world touring band still has time to perform in their home country.

Poets of the Fall is a Finnish band that has toured all over the world. The band is having a gig in Rauma on Saturday.

How does it feel to come to a small town like Rauma for a change?
-Really nice. It’s great to notice that people want to see us from London to Rauna and that the crowds enjoy the shows. Everyone’s feeling good, says Marko Saaresto, the frontman of the band.

How well do you know Rauma beforehand?
-I have people I know who live in Rauma, but other than having shows we haven’t really had time to get to know the town. We have great memories from Rauma and RMJ (music festival), great gigs to wonderful audiences on beautiful summer evenings. We’ve met some interesting people from Pamela Anderson to a completely jigsaw puzzle tattooed Mr. Enigma.

How’s the band doing today?
-The life of an artist is very much balancing between music and business. Mostly we’re doing good. We’re already writing new music and throwing oneself into work is inspiring and energizing.

12 years and many sold albums. What has changed along the way?
-Most likely the attitude towards life. Tastes and values sometimes go through a roller coaster ride in this profession. So if you can feel good after all that, you can say you’ve succeeded.

How many kilometers ahead?
-I try not to live in the future too much, and that’s a good way to be.

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