Tuomas & Juuso Experience, 2005

Translation by DarkSideOfLight
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Tuomas: Welcome back to the live transmission, now in Experience studio performing Poets Of The Fall and Illusion & Dream.

Illusion & Dream

Tuomas: Thank you Ismo, and you can send questions to our special correspondent Ismo Leikola at our website. You can ask anything you want and Ismo Leikola will answer them the best he can.

Juuso: Our next guest rose to top the charts even though they don’t have a big record company behind them. The reason for their success is, among other things, a videogame Max Payne 2. Its theme song Late Goodbye was made by this band.
Tuomas: This is the reason why their song has ended up in millions of homes across the world. Welcome, Poets Of The Fall.

Juuso: So, your album came out a week ago and it went straight to chart number one.
Marko: Yeah. It came out on the 19th. So it’s been out for a couple of weeks now.
Juuso: Now on the latest chart something has happened: Lenni Lokinpoikanen has supplanted you. [Translator’s note: Lenni Lokinpoikanen is a children’s song, sung by 2 kids, Ella and Aleksi.]

Tuomas: And you supplanted it first, originally. So there’s a battle going on. How does it feel like to lose to 4-year-olds?
Marko: It makes you grow, especially your character grows.
Olli: Exactly.
Tuomas: But you beat them for one week and that’s the most important thing.
Juuso: That’s the most important thing.
Olli: But you see, the battle’s not over yet.
Tuomas: Are you battling, like Blur and Oasis and soon you’ll start giving them nasty comments and…
Marko: That may be.
Olli: Most likely.
Marko: Poets vs. Lenni.
Olli: You can read about it in 7 Days magazine [translator’s note: it’s a Finnish weekly tabloid].

Tuomas: The song became well known from the videogame Max Payne 2 in 2003. How did you end up doing that? Is this whole band an accident, after that?
Marko: It practically happened so, that… I know Remedy’s scriptwriter, Sami Järvi, who was involved in making of the game. Sami is an old friend. One evening we were driving in a car and laughing to each other about how fun it would be if I were to write a song for this project of theirs. And we decided to look into it in another 5 years and drove home. However, he called me up in a couple of weeks and the idea that we had had been approved in their end. Sami called me to write a song. And we started working.

Juuso: Have you, Santeri [translator’s note: he’s a Finnish actor], played this Max Jacobson 2?
Santeri: Yeah, I’ve played them both, 1 and 2. It’s a great game, I like it, thank you. And a great song.
Marko: Thanks, thanks.
Juuso: We actually have a clip of it, we can show what the game looks like and how the song is in there.

The clip.
Laughter and clapping.

Juuso: So in the world of the game, it’s the biggest hit, isn’t it.
Marko: Yeah, it’s a hit in the world and in addition to that, one of the main characters sings it in the shower with her beautiful, clear female voice and so forth. Exactly the way you would like your own music to be performed.

Juuso: Of course. My music is performed that way. This album was recorded in one of your band member’s, Captain’s, living room. Can a chart number one be created in anyone’s living room these days?
Marko: Of course you can. If you have the necessary equipment, guys and so forth. But I guess anyone can MacGyver themselves their own studio. A little bit of salt and band aid, a piece of wire and a bracelet and it’ll come together.

Tuomas: What is interesting, of course, is that an album is created without any big record labels, it’s quite rare these days. And it’s your own money on the line. Did you have to take a huge loan or how did you do it?
Marko: Well, we didn’t take a loan but I sold my car, for example. I quit my job and I lived on the car money and the money from work and paid for the album, at least on the surface.
Juuso: So you had a Mazda 323, 1996 model.
Marko: It was a very precious car.
Juuso: How much did you get for that car?
Marko: I got eight grand for it.
Juuso: Okay. And then apparently you moved into your mom and dad’s basement?
Marko: Yes, that’s true. You’re welcome, the house warming party is tomorrow.

Marko: I’ve spent quite a lot of time there and still do. Greetings to home, thanks to mom and dad for letting me live there and use the fridge, because…
Tuomas: How many people are there in Finland who failed at this, the ones who still live in their mom and dad’s basement?

Tuomas: Haven’t seen the light of day in 10 years and… next year they’re going to make it. How about it, Olli, he’s done some big sacrifices, have you done equally big ones?
Olli: Well, I’ve done some sacrifices, but luckily I didn’t have to… Marko was like… The money I could get from my car wouldn’t amount to that much.
Olli laughs.
Marko: But Olli is our driver these days.
Olli: Yeah, I take care of all transportation, so.
Marko: With your red devil through the streets.
Olli: Yeah, we get by just fine with that. But, I just worked twice as hard. That’s all there is to it.

Juuso: You’ve changed your names into English ones. Marko has become Mark, Olli has become Ollie.
Tuomas: Is this because you’re going to tour Norway next weekend?
Marko: Yeah, it’s purely because of that.
Olli: It’s because of our band has gained recognition in such a widespread way all over the world, originally. Like, there was someone in U.S.A. and someone in Finland.
Juuso: So it wasn’t about “Mark-o… what is this shit? I don’t bu… boh!”

Tuomas: In any case, you’re going to throw a gig in Norway and you’ll be big stars, remember us. Would it be in any way possible to start a new pre-gig tradition, like assaulting the Lillehammer Olympics mascot or something.
Marko: That would be cool.
Tuomas: Drink blood from its head or something. But start something like this.
Marko: Yeah.

Juuso: And right for the start, say “Hello Sweden!”
Tuomas: Hello Sweden!
Marko: Yeah, for sure.
Tuomas: Poets Of The Fall, thank you! After the break we’re going Father’s Day shopping with Marika Fingerros.
Juuso kisses the Signs of Life album.

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