YLEX TOP 40 INTERVIEW (08-01-06) (Transcript)

Source: YleX Top 40

Thanks to Spiraali777 and Danny for finding the interview, and to Jariq for transcribing in English.

As the first guest in the official record list in Finland program, Marko from Poets of the Fall, how are you doing?
-Thanks, I’m doing good at the moment

Good right now?
-right now.

How did POTF spend the New Year, were you together?
-no, we were each to his own, and we didn’t want to see each others faces. (Laughing)
-Nah, in good terms but with our own friends relaxingly spending the evening and shooting fireworks.

Do you have any New Year traditions?
-No, not really. I’m very untraditional with these beautiful haven celebrationdays that we have in the world.

New Year is here, and before we go more specificly to 2006 lets look back to 2005. Quite a huge year for you.
-A very huge year. Very busy from the beginning of the year, the album(SoL) came out 19. January, and before that there was a lot to do. The basically the whole year doing gigs and around the world, well not exactly around the world but in Finland, Scandinavia and in Germany and so on. The response for the album was good, and originally we didn’t think that it would go this well, and it went very well. And specially that we could do what we wanted in a amazingly good group, we’ve had a very good feeling during the whole tour and year.

What was the most confusing event that happened last year?
-The confusing events are mostly small details, sometimes if you think negative stuff, you wonder how can there be so extreme opinions in the world and so “blind” cases and people who have opinions about stuff and then a beer mug flies to the stage or something like that. Any kind of situation when you get very hard recistance, but on the other hand you understand that it’s part of this in a way, if you get boosted a lot(meaning for example if you are drunk) a thing can become difficult. and the positive problems are always nice, but for us Poets it was confusing to go before an audience of 40.000 like for example in Voice concert and 20.000-30.000 in Raumanmeren juhannus and in Provinssirock and see the crowds response and when they start shouting your name and the hands rise up. Then it’s like, is it me who they are shouting? (laughing)

Like who was on today, is there a big star or what.
-Yeah, exactly.

For me the most confusing thing was the Mister Pop choice.
-Yeah, that was a bit funny. I’ve heard some comments about it, but not much.

You won Antti Tuisku.
-Yep, thanks for all contestants and for those who voted. (laughing)

How important in general outside things are for you?
-Well this is a business where they all they pile on you. Everywhere comes small, and sometimes bigger messages on how to look, what to say, what to do and what to be. And then it’s difficult not to say that they are not important because the messages from outside begin to affect you. But it’s important to stay as who you are, I would spend too much energy if I would force myself to dress in a way that doesn’t fit for me.

One reason for the big popularity is the big amounts of gigs. About 60 gigs, when I quickly counted them in your website. 60 gigs last year and about a half of them in summer, would there even be time for more gigs?
-Yes there would be, but we had a certain amount of days to use for playing in gigs so we basically couldn’t do more. Even though you are 1st on the TOP40 list in Finland and there are a lot of gigs, some of us still had other jobs and they had to be done too. That’s why we couldn’t do more, but if POTF was the only thing we were doing, there would be time for more. The pace was so hectic, that there isn’t a point on doing much more gigs, because after some 50 gigs I started to feel that we have done these so much straight up that I don’t have anything more to give. Then you just went there, sang the songs and did your job and did your best and gave what you had to give but after the gig you started to think that was this good. But from the audience’s reaction you saw that it was good, but still you I felt that I would have wanted to do it better.

Has one of those gigs last year been special to you in some way?
-Yes, Oulu’s 45 special –gig was the first wake up for us that a band can be popular. We went there and the crowd screamed so loud that the whole place shaked, so we didn’t almost dare to go to the stage.

And of course the YleX pop 2005?
-yeah, that was great. We actually had then two gigs on the same day, and it was funny when we had the gig on the day in the Ylex pop, and in evening in the Hämeenlinna gig. In Ylex Pop we didn’t have any rain, and when Poets of the Fall left, it started raining really hard. And when we got to Hämeenlinna, there was a place where could fit lots of people, and then there were some die hard hardcore fans, and they had stayed there in the rain, they had a good time and they wanted to see the gig. And I don’t mind water, rain is in the name of our band, and the gig was great. A couple of times I almost got caught by lightning when I was jumping in the puddles with the cords.

But made it alive?
-Yeah, made it alive.

That was Lift by Poest of the Fall in Finlands official list program, and here we have the bands singer Mark. Your debut album was 39 weeks on the TOP40 list, and soon you might have two albums on the list. Or in what stage is the album?
-In a busy stage. We have selected the songs, and we’re thinking the song order and some other things that need adjusting. But there are surprisingly many things to do, even though most if the things are very small and you want to get them right. And the schedules are tight, and you have to stay in them. We’re just humans, and you work as you can and during christmas I stressed a lot if I get these lyrics ready, if we have time to play this and will we make it to the time we have planned so on.

How has the feeling been in the studio, is it just stress?
-No, not really. It hasn’t been total stress, the stress is part of this and it’s “problems solving stress.” I’ve been told that it’s positive stress. There is of course negative stress involved. But otherwise it has been fun like last time. We get to be in Captain’s livingroom and do calmly what we want. Altough its not very calm since we are quite noisy guys. Sometime one watches animal planet, and occasionally two guys play guitar and one tries to make sense of them. Ordering pizzas and so on.

Often is talked about the difficult second album. Have you taken much pressure about it?
-The first album was doing well, and still is. So you hope that the second album does well too. But the greatest pressure comes from that when you have the songs and you have a vision of what kind of songs they are. And you have to tune the song to what it sounded in your head. That’s the biggest cause of stress, from the artistic view. And with the lyrics, I might be doing the them over and over again. Some lyrics just just come easily and some you have to work on the whole studio time and at some point you just have to decide that this is how it’s going to go. And I’m sure that Captain and Ollie the same thing with their stuff, like does the guitar go like that an so on. But in the end, when you get your mind out of it for a while, you realise that you wouldn’t do anything else. So you do enjoy this job.

What can you expect after the great success of the first record? If it’s more succesful, there will be a potf-mania, and if it doesn’t do so well people start saying that’s the end of that band.
-These kind of thing you have to look on a longer time span, like I use to do. If things don’t go well for a two, four or six months and you look it after five years, thing might have evened out so that it isn’t so bad. If we do this job for ten years and then look how things have gone, then we can see how things actually are. Because of the outside factors you can easily cheat yourself to think that today nothing is working and tomorrow you feel that this is actually going very well. But I’m not expecting anything, I’ll just do my best and hope…

Doing your best and see how well that goes?
-Yeah, an athlete attitude.(laughing) That’s the usual answer I guess, but that’s all you can give. [sarcastic]I burn candles with pentagrams

And voodoo doll stuff?
-Yeah, that’s right[/sarcastic] (laughing)

What can you say about the new album’s style? will it be different?
-It might be a bit heavier than the last one.

Heavier stuff, have you been listening some churchburning music in the studio or where does this come from?
-I don’t know, I think we three think it from a different perspective. But if you think it from the musical side, leaving out the singing and the lyrics now we have tried out different kind of styles which sound good. Meaning that the music has more DISTORRRTION everywhere and stuff like that. About the lyrics, I have sometimes wondered where they come from. I have seen something or heard something somewhere and it has stayed in my head. It might have been something positive thing that I have wanted to tell about, something that has affected me so much that I made a song out of it. Or something has just pissed me off and I just go and write mfgdshgdg that you just don’t get it..[makes sounds as is about to strangle someone] From those kind of things the lyrics come from I guess, then you just have thought what the real message is and how you want to say it.

When you are making an album, do you listen to some other music?
-During the first album I didn’t listen anything. During this second album I have listened some music that I usually listen but I don’t add it to the making of this album. But I have noticed that I listen to music little, at the moment I’m listening Chinese in my car.

You are learning Chinese?
-Yeah, I am.

Why? Are you going to China?
-Maybe. Chinese just happens to interest me.

Sounds good.(laughing) When is the album being released? Is there a release date at the moment?
-I can’t say the exact day now, but sometime more in the spring.

Now even a month?
-Dididididi (makes a mysterious sounding sound)

Okay okay, that’ll be seen later. Thank you Marko

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